Innovate, Scale Up, and Watch It Grow

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Embassy Trinidad and Tobago’s recent entrepreneurship speaker program on making a global name out of an idea. Here, Edison stressed the importance of makerspaces, where entrepreneurs can share experiences, support each other and test their products. A recap of U.S.

The Post-Pandemic Entrepreneurial Support Organization (ESO): Creating a Model for the Economic Recovery

Carol Lauffer

If your ESO hosted larger community events such as hackathons and entrepreneurship weeks in the past, will those events be replicated online, or will a completely new approach be required? Beyond the services themselves, your service offering may require the addition of a different ESO model—accelerator, incubator, coworking, makerspace, hub, or other—to best serve the new market segments.

Improving cluster performance through entrepreneurial support programs

Carol Lauffer

Supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and company formation is critical for improving cluster performance. Establishing entrepreneurial support programs (ESPs) with a specific cluster focus can consistently help to encourage entrepreneurship, launch new businesses and move innovations to market in the targeted cluster. Among those initiatives are activities that support entrepreneurship and startup companies.