Sun.Dec 08, 2019

Forward Cities Works Toward a More Inclusive Pittsburgh

Forward Cities

On a Tuesday afternoon at Everyday Cafe on North Homewood Avenue in Pittsburgh, two women meet for lunch and bring a puzzle to piece together while they catch up. Two tables over, a young man with headphones works quietly on his laptop. Nearby, two young professionals meet for a chat. “I

Oklahoma startup Cage aims to change creative collaboration

Innovation 2 Enterprise

By Scott Meacham. It is exciting when Oklahoma startups set out to change industries. That’s the story of Cage, an Oklahoma City company with customers from around the world. Cage provides a web-based tool that helps creative professionals—from freelancers to branding agencies to in-house creative departments—collaborate on projects and share ideas in one place in real time, no matter who is working on what. “We

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In the News: FDA clearance, Fox News, and the UN Assembly votes with Israel on AgTech


We are incredibly proud of Sight Diagnostics for receiving FDA clearance for its OLO blood analyzer ; OLO leverages AI with a revolutionary method to “digitize” blood , allowing patients to receive blood test results within minutes at the point-of-care, and with just a finger-prick.

Getting Tech Into The Boroughs

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

A number of elected officials tweeted “I told you so” when the news came out at the end of last week that Amazon had taken space in Hudson Yards and will move 1500 jobs there soon.

[Honeybook in Forbes] De-Gigging The Gender Pay Gap


In a recent analysis, Honeybook – which serves as a business and financial management platform for solopreneurs and freelancers – analyzed more than 350,000 invoices from freelancers, and surveyed 1800 freelancers. Read more here.