Fri.Feb 23, 2024

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The Painful Experience That Inspired One Entrepreneur to Greatness

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Entrepreneurs thrive on adversity: We identify problems, create solutions, and hear the word “no” as a challenge. Adversity often becomes a catalyst for transformation, pushing us to discover new levels of inner strength and resilience. That rings especially true for Saichelle McNeill, an EO Charlotte member whose remarkable journey of entrepreneurship is a testament to the power of determination and the importance of second chances.

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Every time OpenAI cuts a check for training data, an unlaunched competitive startup dies. Without a ‘safe harbor,’ AI will be ruled by incumbents.

Hunter Walk

The checks being cut to ‘owners’ of training data are creating a huge barrier to entry for challengers. If Google, OpenAI, and other large tech companies can establish a high enough cost, they implicitly prevent future competition. Not very Open. Model efficacy is roughly [ technical IP/approach ] * [ training data ] * [ training frequency/feedback loop ].


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The 5 Steps to Survive a Difficult Funding Environment

Red Rocket

CB Insights, a leading research organization that tracks venture capital financings, recently released its report on the state of the venture capital market in 2023 and, most recently, the fourth quarter of 2023. Long story short, it was a terrible year for raising capital. The global market was down 30% year-over-year to its lowest levels in six years.

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Customer Advocacy through Customer Support: Lower Churn, Higher Loyalty

The Groove Blog

Customer acquisition is difficult. Its costs time and money to get a new customer and if they churn quickly, your LTV suffers and suddenly your can not afford such CAC’s as your competitor can. We all know where this downward spiral ends. To evade this fate, you must focus on customers. Not just have them […] The post Customer Advocacy through Customer Support: Lower Churn, Higher Loyalty appeared first on Groove Blog.

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Digitalization: 5 Tech Updates That Will Help You Survive The Recession & Thrive

Lack of digitalization decreases business competitiveness. To thrive, embracing modern solutions becomes essential. The approach to digitalization often aligns with a company's business model. This shift not only boosts productivity but also automates processes and improves security. The tech market offers a wealth of technologies tailored for management, planning, and forecasting, replacing outdated pen-and-paper methods.

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'Say Yes to Everything!' HGTV Host and Interior Designer Anitra Mecadon's Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur - Entrepreneurs Category

The co-host of HGTV's "Lil Jon Wants to Do What?" breaks down her business, her TV career and the driving force behind her success.

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