The New Economy Starts with Networks of Collaboration

Impact Hub

Impact Hub is located in over 100 cities around the world and supports over 16,500 social entrepreneurs, all of who share a vision of building ventures that have a positive impact on people and places. Collaboration is part of our History. Collaboration goes online.

When Is The Right Time For A Startup To Move Into A Physical Space

Startup Grind

Ongoing, Continual Collaboration When your team members need to check in every so often with questions about assignments or how to pieces of a product will interact, working online with chats and video calls is perfect. But for many businesses, there’s comes a point where continuing, ongoing collaboration is key to success. You could rent a certain number of desks in a local shared workspace with a conference room that you could book.


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Mage aims to be the ‘Stripe for AI;’ raises $6.3M for developer tools to build AI into apps


While collaborating with product developers, Dang and Wang saw that while product developers wanted to use AI, they didn’t have the right tools in which to do it without relying on data scientists. “We

Coworking Megatrend Predictions for 2020


At the end of each year, I look ahead to where the coworking world is going and share my predictions for the coming year. Last year, we discussed how more brands would market to coworking and how they would introduce products specifically geared toward shared workspace.