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Mage aims to be the ‘Stripe for AI;’ raises $6.3M for developer tools to build AI into apps


While collaborating with product developers, Dang and Wang saw that while product developers wanted to use AI, they didn’t have the right tools in which to do it without relying on data scientists. Mage’s technology is a low-code, cloud-based tool and user interface with a shared workspace similar to Figma.

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Coworking Megatrend Predictions for 2020


We also predicted the rise of high-end luxury brands ( see this recent Soho Investment ) with brands finding new and inventive ways to set themselves apart. We talked about consolidation and the continued growth due to a strong economy and investments. Community 2.0. Community can’t be bought, it has to be built.

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The New Economy Starts with Networks of Collaboration

Impact Hub

Collaboration is part of our History. The data and information that we have been gathering, for the last 6 years as part of our annual surveys in the Impact Hub network, constantly confirms that community is the solution no matter the issue, and networks of collaboration play the main role. Collaboration goes online.