Fri.Jul 03, 2020

Funding Friday: Second Chance Studio

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

My partner Nick blogged about this Kickstarter project yesterday and I immediately backed it. Second Chance Studio is a nonprofit digital media company that trains and employs formerly incarcerated individuals. You can back their Kickstarter project here. USV TEAM POSTS: Albert Wenger — Jul 2, 2020 A Theory of History and Society: Technology, Constraints and Measurement (TCM) Nick Grossman — Jul 2, 2020 Second Chance Studios David Gabeau — Jun 26, 2020 Augmented Reality NFTs.

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[Lemonade in TechCrunch] Startups Weekly: Tech unicorns look to IPOs as Lemonade, Accolade boom


Lemonade is being valued at more than 15x the value of its annualized Q1 revenue despite not sporting the gross margins you might expect investors to demand for it to merit that SaaS valuation.

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