Sat.Feb 24, 2024

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Understanding Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Measurement Part 4: Strategic Reporting

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This four-part series addresses why tracking and measuring the activity of your entrepreneurial ecosystem is crucial to its long-term sustainability and the economic success of your community.

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The Secrets to Building Vibrant Communities in Web3 Open-Source

Tomasz Tunguz

The Community Source licenses may be the future of open source software. With closed-source software, the code isn’t shared outside the company that wrote it. Open-source code is freely available to examine & use. Open-source companies like Elastic ($13b), Confluent ($10b), MongoDB ($33b) have been phenomenally successful. Along the way, many of them have changed their licenses to shield themselves from copycats.

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Beyond Uncanny Valley: Breaking Down Sora

Andreessen Horowitz

In early 2024, the notion of high fidelity, believable AI-generated video seemed a distant future to many. Yet, a mere few weeks into the year, OpenAI unveiled Sora, its new state of the art text-to-video model producing videos of up to 60 seconds. The output shattered expectations – even for other builders and researchers within generative AI – sparking widespread speculation and awe.