Social gaming platform Rec Room scores $20 million Series C


Social gaming platform Rec Room has scored some new funding as it aims to bring its once VR-centric world to every major gaming platform out there. The platform has been around for years serving as a social hub and gaming platform for virtual reality users.

Goama lets developers integrate a social gaming platform into their apps


Goama (also known as Go Games) lets developers quickly integrate social games into their apps. Some of Goama’s clients are “super apps,” or apps that offer several services and want to include games, too.


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Roblox raises at $29.5 billion valuation, readies for direct listing


Roblox is now one of the world’s most valuable private companies in the world after a monster Series H raise brings the social gaming platform a stratospheric $29.5 How Roblox avoided the gaming graveyard and grew into a $2.5B

Powder raises $14 million for its social app for game clips


Meet Powder , a French startup that helps you share video clips of your favorite games, follow people with the same interests and interact with them. Powder wants to build the video infrastructure for social gaming. You can also capture videos of mobile games.

Extra Crunch roundup: 2 VC surveys, Tesla’s melt up, The Roblox Gambit, more


Plus, don’t miss our first investor surveys of 2021: one by Lucas Matney on social gaming , and another by Mike Butcher that gathered responses from Portugal-based investors on a wide variety of topics. “A big thanks to the gaming company for running this experiment for us.”

Epic Games to shut down Houseparty in October, including the video chat ‘Fortnite Mode’ feature


Houseparty, the social video chat app acquired by Fortnite maker Epic Games for a reported $35 million back in 2019, is shutting down. At the time, these integrations appeared to be the end goal that explained why Epic Games had bought the social startup in the first place.

Daily Crunch: Investors back away from Dispo


Zoom introduces new SDK to help developers tap into video services — The company envisions application developers embedding video in social, gaming or retail applications.

Role’s video role-playing platform makes a $2.75M charm attempt on the burgeoning tabletop world


Tabletop gaming is in the middle of a historic boom, despite recent restrictions imposed on in-person gatherings by COVID. The tools adopted by game masters and casual players to play remotely are powerful but not always the easiest to use or adopt.

Consumer investment fatigue

Tomasz Tunguz

Many of the promising marketing and media innovations of the past six years, daily deals, subscription ecommerce, social gaming and social media, have been struggling. Perhaps new mobile ad technology will enable social networks to flourish. Or changes in app distribution will suddenly render social gaming unit economics much more profitable.

15 Business Leaders Share Their Experiences and Insights on Getting Through COVID-19


We have seen KPIs jump more than 50 percent in the last month because people are stuck at home and have more time to spend with social gaming and shopping communities. There’s no doubt that COVID-19 set the economic tone for 2020.

Stream raises $38M as its chat and activity feed APIs power communications for 1B users


What is a trend worth watching is whether easy-to-integrate services like Stream’s might signal the proliferation of more social apps over time. Apps Developer Europe Funding Recent Funding Social Startups activity stream Aidyn Senkut APIs chat developers Felicis Ventures stream

The Last Gameboard raises $4M to ship its digital tabletop gaming platform


The tabletop gaming industry has exploded over the last few years as millions discovered or rediscovered its joys, but it too is evolving — and The Last Gameboard hopes to be the venue for that evolution. ” 8 investors discuss social gaming’s biggest opportunities.

This Week in VC with Om Malik & Paul Jozefak

Both Sides of the Table

Online social game network; make their own games (FarmVille, Mafia Wars, FrontierVille) in addition to allowing third-party developers to access network. Self-reported 60mm daily unique as of Dec 2009, games played by 250mm people a month (AppData). Reportedly, Softbank and Zynga have discussed jointly distributing games through Softbank’s mobile-phone service in Japan and other countries. Competitors: Playdom , Social Gaming Network.

Riot Games and Konvoy Ventures back games publisher Carry1st in $6M Series A


Mobile gaming is no exception. For a continent that is home to more than 1 billion millennials and Gen Zers, mobile gaming has never really picked up, despite the continent witnessing rapid economic growth and smartphone adoption. Carry1st has $4M to invest in African mobile gaming.

Why you have to pay attention to the Indian startup scene


Well, according to a survey of Gen Z VCs , their top three focuses are the creator economy, edtech and social gaming. This is The TechCrunch Exchange, a newsletter that goes out on Saturdays, based on the column of the same name. You can sign up for the email here., the startup behind time-tracking app Timely, raises $14M to build more AI-based productivity apps


If the first wave of smartphone communications and the apps that are run on smartphone devices — social, gaming, productivity, media, information, etc.

From Agency to Enterprise Software: The Evolution of Buddy Media

This is going to be BIG.

Buddy Media was an amazing exit, but I never really thought of it like “enterprise software” I thought about it more like an agency that had developed off the shelf social tools around its service solutions. When I looked at the site, it had the term “Social Enterprise Software” written all over it. but the evidence would suggest that repositioning the company as social enterprise software was a master stroke. Social Media Software.

media 236

Skate Where the Puck is Going

Both Sides of the Table

The most recent example of cringe-worthy buzz words is “game mechanics.&# It seems that you can’t build a business these days without it. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that at least 50% of all new businesses that I’m seeing are telling me that they’re incorporating some form of game mechanics into their offering. I’m not arguing that game dynamics in your business solution won’t be important or successful.

What Angel Investing & Florida Condos Have in Common

Both Sides of the Table

One of my favorite quotes I learned in high school was: “Nonconformity is the Highest Form of Social Attainment&#. I have called it a “mug’s game&# and I mostly try to avoid it. Instead investors are looking for the next flash sale, private sale, game dynamic, social games that rely on mobile platforms with geo-fenced, location aware offers. It’s really hard to zig when the whole world seems to be zagging.

What We Must Learn from Asia

Both Sides of the Table

In the past 6 months we’ve heard from Dmitry Shapiro on the future of online video, Ian Rogers on the future music model, David Sacks on the future of social networking and Michael Crandell on where Cloud Computing is headed. Larger online game market ($1 billion) than Japan despite 1/3 population and 1/2 GDP per capital (slide 99). Sales of avatars in social games nearly 50% of total revenue eclipsing revenue from affiliate transaction, ads or paid games (slide 97).

Discord in talks to sell to Microsoft for over $10B | E1190

Jason Calacanis

There is a correlation between gaming-focused founders and making great messaging products. Microsoft is paying a premium (likely over 75x price to sales), but Discord fits perfectly into their “Netflix for gaming” ambitions. Top Insights.

Virtual HQs race to win over a remote-work-fatigued market


By drawing on multiplayer gaming culture, the startups are using spatial technology, animations and productivity tools to create a metaverse dedicated to work. The potential success could signal how the future of work will blend gaming and socialization for distributed teams.

This Week in Venture Capital – Episode 2

Both Sides of the Table

I think the best solution for the social networking era is “in-stream&# advertising. I know you could argue that YouTube was much broader but it was really popularized in the social networks. It’s sort of Jack FM meets Total Request Live meets UCG/Social Gaming (at least in the future). Tiny Speck Online gaming start-up. I found this investment strange since normally VC’s hate to bet on gaming companies.

Equal access to capital and entrepreneurship is the final civil rights movement


I began to realize that venture capital is a bit of a social game — and I was about to play it for two years. If they invest in someone that has a ton of social credibility in Silicon Valley, then even if they fail, nobody will question them. Joseph Heller. Contributor.

Infinite Canvas raises $2.8M for a metaverse creator group modeled after esports teams


With the promise of an interconnected virtual world coming into focus and user-crafted gaming content exploding, Infinite Canvas is looking to apply to the metaverse lessons learned in the esports boom.

Reflections on YCombinator Demo Day: How the Seed Market Has Changed

Tomasz Tunguz

enterprise), segment (ecommerce, education, social, gaming, delivery) and by revenue model (subscription, ads, transactional). Shifting to consumer, social apps have fallen from 24% of consumer startups to 15% at the most recent demo day. Unlike the 2012 class, there were no gaming companies in 2014. The shifts toward vertical SaaS and away from social and gaming apparent in this class are consistent with the patterns I’m seeing in the fund raising market.

SaaS 40

Spolsky on Software on Both Sides of The Table

Both Sides of the Table

Is StackOverflow subject to gaming? When you have a lot of page views, it’s hard to game the system. Social currency. WoW and social gaming addiction. Sometime around 2003/04 my technology team turned me on to “Spolsky on Software&# a periodic newsletter served up blog style from Joel Spolsky of FogCreek Software, a maker of bug-tracking software.

The Big VC Thaw – Why The Market is Moving Again (part 2 of 3)

Both Sides of the Table

While iPhone is really still the only true game in town for mobile applications investors can see in the near future a world in which multiple mobile applications platforms will likely exist – perhaps with Blackberry, Palm Pre and Google’s Android operating system gather more momentum. The growth of Facebook and social gaming led by Zynga – Another obvious trend is Facebook. Notice that I didn’t say “social networking.”

Extra Crunch roundup: RapidSOS EC-1, how to prep for an M&A exit, inside Genki Forest


Industry watchers frequently compare the upstart to giants like PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, but founder Binsen Tang comes from a tech background, having funded ELEX Technology, a social gaming company that found success internationally.

How to Present at Big Meetings without Going Down a Rat Hole

Both Sides of the Table

I would try a line like, “I know that some of you might be social media experts and others may be less deep on this particular area. If one vocal person blurts out, “just give us the details, we all know social networking&# don’t assume that person speaks for the entire room. I’m writing this post as part of my series with Advice on Raising Venture Capital but will file it under Sales Tips as well since it applies equally to both scenarios. Congratulations.

advice 268

Are Business Plans Still Necessary?

Both Sides of the Table

Facebook Apps, iPhone Apps, Social Games and now The Real-time Web (finally a new, sexier buzzword to replace Web 2.0. This is part of my ongoing series of posts and I need to file this one under both Raising Venture Capital and Startup Advice. I remember going to an Under the Radar conference in 2006 in the heat of the Web 2.0 craze. There were tons of young entrepreneurs showing their latest Web 2.0 wares. Ajax was the new buzzword and many companies went overboard.