Pegasus Tech Ventures and Japanet launch new $50M fund to bring global startups to Nagasaki


Pegasus Tech Ventures , a firm that helps corporations launch startup investment funds, announced a new partnership with Japanet today. It will center around a sports stadium, and include mixed-use facilities like offices, retail stores, hotels and event venues.

The Future of Hospitality is Here


In fact, according to the 2018 year-end report by CREtech , funding for “proptech” startups has surged with over $20 billion invested across early and late stage venture rounds in the last two years?—?quickly quickly making real estate technology one of the fastest growing venture asset classes. Modern consumers have increasingly begun to accept, and often prefer, reducing both human and invested capital with technology and third-party services.

A Sign of the Times: Why Saving the Kentile Sign is Important #savekentile

This is going to be BIG.

We''ve learned enough from neighborhoods like Dumbo that mixed use communities of commercial and residential can anchor each other to create dynamic ecosystems. Politics Venture Capital & Technology There''s a 60+ year old sign in Brooklyn leftover from a company that went bankrupt years ago. The current owner of the property wants to take it down and has every right to do so. So what''s the big deal? The Kentile Floors sign has become a mainstay of the Gowanus area.