Newsletter: Top Investment Opportunities


Join OurCrowd as we invest in Sfara , a US-based company that leads this market, replacing specialized in-vehicle hardware previously required, with software-only technology based on smartphones. See some opportunities below: Software Engineer for InsighTech (Israel).

Bridging the Rural Opportunity Gap


We launched Center on Rural Innovation to address what has become the largest rural opportunity gap in our nation’s history. Embrace Unexpected Opportunities . The theater has since been so successful that it has invested $9 million to build a second venue, while leaving the opera house available for other programming. The post Bridging the Rural Opportunity Gap appeared first on CO.STARTERS®. Overlooked Aspects of Inclusion in Ecosystem Building, Part 3.


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Newsletter: Investment opportunities + 3,300 high-tech jobs.


Join OurCrowd’s investment in this fast growing, pioneering biotech company. . See some opportunities below: Art Director for HoneyBook (San Francisco). The post Newsletter: Investment opportunities + 3,300 high-tech jobs.

Latest Update on the SBA Community Navigator Funding Opportunity

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Small Business Administration first released the Notice of Funding Opportunity for the Community Navigator Pilot Program. With the July 12 application deadline fast approaching, we wanted to address a few frequently asked questions about the program and funding opportunity.

Register Now: EDA American Rescue Plan Funding Opportunities

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Last week, EDA announced six programs to equitably invest $3 billion allocated under President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. To learn more about EDA and these funding opportunities, please register for one of the informational webinars: EDA 101 and American Rescue Plan Overview 3 p.m.

Our Investment Framework Post-COVID-19


From taking all aspects of our accelerators digital (including our Demo Day) to rethinking the opportunities of the future, we’ve taken this moment to analyze what innovations can come from this time and new opportunities that arise from our changing environment.

SBA Announces Community Navigator Model and Funding Opportunity

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While it appears the SBA will be applying this approach to the existing SBA-funded national network such as SBDCs, SCORE and Women Business Centers, the announcement indicates a new funding opportunity will soon open for states, tribes, units of local governments and other nonprofit organizations.

Investing In Distressed Communities. Opportunity Zones

Smart Hustle Magazine

Ramon Ray got a chance to talk with Scott Turner, the Executive Director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council, which is quite a mouthful, so you can refer to it as WHORC. Opportunity Zones and What They Are. The post Investing In Distressed Communities.

Khosla Ventures debuts first opportunity fund


Today, Khosla Ventures said it raised over $550 million for its first Opportunity Fund. We like to invest in the entire lifecycle and this allows us to do that,” he added. Samir Kaul, managing partner, Khosla Ventures.

Big Enough To Be Interesting - Market Size & Opportunity

The Seraf Compass

Market Opportunity is an important metric for estimating the long-term potential for an early stage company. Typically, we invest in companies that are going after market sizes of at least $100M. At that size, a market is large enough to support a $25M+ company. Many early stage companies are opening up new markets, so determining overall market size is not easy. We recommend attacking this problem from several angles

UC Students Gain New Resources, Opportunities Through Expanded Entrepreneurship Program


The $5 million expansion of the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars program will give more UC campuses critical access to resources, opportunities and mentorships for students and recent graduates across disciplines and experience levels. “As We take great pride, especially, in our efforts to break down barriers and increase opportunities for women and minority entrepreneurs. Reposted from the University of California Press Room.

The Globalization Of Venture Capital Investing

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

When I look at all of the opportunities we are currently considering plus all of the investments we have made this year to date, what stands out most to me is the location of the founders and teams. And very little of it is in western Europe where most of our non-US investing has been for the last decade. The emergence of raising money and supporting investments on Zoom has made it possible to have a much broader reach than was possible a few years ago.

Opportunity Amid Volatility


There are many reasons for that, such as private equity and crossover investors investing earlier, or the fact that LPs in VC funds are affected by public market swings and could, theoretically, hit some VC firms to feel the pinch. could become even more attractive regions for investment. Add to the mix that many foreign countries’ economies shift away from or toward natural resources, so we see massive direct and indirect investment into technology.

Seize Holiday Sales 2020 Opportunities Using These Insights from Visa

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Visa finds that 68% of them consider the winter holiday season as a major sales opportunity for their business. What’s more, Visa finds that 60% of owners of small and medium business owners are preparing for holiday sales 2020 opportunities. Seizing Holiday Sales 2020 Opportunities.

VC meets the land of opportunity


Monique Villa is an investor at Mucker Capital , an early-stage VC fund investing in startups across the U.S. When we think about the opportunity beyond Silicon Valley, we are really speaking of America. America is the opportunity and we are worthy of investment, aren’t we? “We”

Celebrating 2021 Accomplishments and Looking Ahead to New Opportunities

Angel Capital Association

In fact, ACA members and groups are the most significant source of support for entrepreneurs, investing more than 1 million pro bono hours and $650 million of after-tax financing to more than 3,000 high growth companies annually. Take advantage of ACA’s many opportunities to get involved.

Opportunity knocks: Exhibit at TC Sessions: Mobility 2021


TC Sessions: Mobility, which takes place on June 9, features the top minds and makers, draws thousands of attendees, fosters collaborative community and creates a networking environment ripe with opportunities.

Newsletter: SoftBank invests $25M in OurCrowd


Top investment opportunities. SoftBank to invest $25M in OurCrowd. SoftBank to invest $25M in OurCrowd. Softbank has been investing ahead of major technology trends for over 40 years and we believe there is huge, embedded potential in the private markets ecosystem.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, make these 8 investments

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Invest in Yourself. We all invest our time and money in people and things. The best investment for entrepreneurs is always going to be in themselves. This could mean your health, education, well-being or relationships—anything that can fine-tune and improve your life will bring the highest return on investment because the cost is often very small. Invest in yourself in both small and big ways. Invest in Your Business. Invest in Tax Strategy.

Blockchain gaming survey: 7 investors discuss regulation, opportunities and NFT hype


There’s still a haze of uncertainty surrounding blockchain games, so we reached out to several active investors in the space to get a clearer picture of where opportunities exist today and what they see on the horizon. Banafsheh Fathieh , head of investments, Americas, Prosus Ventures.

Startup Investment 101: Investment Rounds Explained


By Michael Whitehouse Investment rounds are an essential part of the startup investment journey. The terminology used to describe these investment rounds can seem daunting, but it needn't be. At 1000 Angels we want to help new and seasoned investors as much as we can to find startup opportunities. A big part of this is understanding the various rounds of investment out there so that they may be negotiated with ease and confidence. Startup Investing

Oklahoma, it is time to lean into the opportunities

Innovation 2 Enterprise

It is time to lean into the opportunities that are already in front of us to build our own Oklahoma version of the economy of the future. A snapshot of the 730 high-growth companies that i2E has worked with and invested in since inception tells the tale. Leaning In to Opportunity.

How We Turned Our Biggest Setback Into an Innovation Opportunity

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Or I could use this moment to reevaluate our business model, examine the flaws that lead to this situation in the first place, and look for opportunities to evolve. The post How We Turned Our Biggest Setback Into an Innovation Opportunity appeared first on THE BLOG.

Why We Invest in Authentic Founders


When GAN Ventures considers whether to invest in a startup, we look for four primary things: Authentic founders: Founders that know their own strengths and weaknesses and aren’t afraid to ask for help. Startups that are positioned for venture scale: We focus on venture-scale opportunities that have a logical path to a 10x, and a plausible path to a 100x, return on our investment. The post Why We Invest in Authentic Founders appeared first on GAN.

The enormous challenges and abundant opportunities in climate tech


It will also deliver unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurs — and the investors backing them — who can turn their climate tech ideas into commercialized products and services, whether that’s plant-based foods, carbon capture, electric vehicles or battery recycling.

[OurCrowd in Calcalist] israeli fintech companies have an incredible opportunity for investments in abu Dhabi.


Sabah al-Binali, head of the Gulf region at OurCrowd, welcomed Israeli investors in a panel on fintech investments held by Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). The post [OurCrowd in Calcalist] israeli fintech companies have an incredible opportunity for investments in abu Dhabi.

Thinking About Berlin: Unleashing a Creative Opportunity

This is going to be BIG.

That's what will attract the best entrepreneurs here--an opportunity to push limits and explore the future of innovation. It can't and won't be market scale or, in the near term, investment capital. Despite a handful of investments from outside firms, I think you need an ecosystem capable of originality before outsiders seriously think about rooting here. Invest in ideas that are going to change the way we live--not just reapply the way others are living to this market

Twelve Years of Investing in Women


I began investing in women over a decade ago. It was a major part of my investing thesis. Through my blog, Gotham Gal , I started to talk to founders—often women—who were having a hard time raising capital, or even getting anyone on the other side of the table to understand the opportunity in their business or, more to the point, connect with them. And I invested. I invested in businesses that I believed had a huge opportunity that could grow to be worth $100M or more.

Accredited Investor Definition Expanded to Increase Access to Investment Opportunities

Angel Capital Association

By: Pat Gouhin, Chief Executive Officer After ACA’s multi-pronged, multi-year advocacy for amendment to the “accredited investor” definition, we are pleased to report we’ve met with success. The Securities and Exchange Commission announced yesterday that the definition of an “accredited investor” has preserved the existing income thresholds and has been expanded to provide more access to private equity by allowing investors to qualify based upon new criteria.

Seraf Toolbox: Impact Investing Due Diligence Checklist

The Seraf Compass

These best practices apply equally to both traditional early stage investing and impact-oriented investment opportunities. However, impact investing brings additional considerations to the diligence process. .

VCs say there are more startup opportunities to chase in Latin America


Regions once overlooked by the venture capital industry are racking up impressive investment totals in recent quarters. The Japanese conglomerate and investing powerhouse had already put $5 billion to work in Latin America.

June 2016 Project Octane: A Student of Opportunity

Entrepreneurs' Organization

In entrepreneurship, opportunities can present themselves in various ways. For participants of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA), EO’s flagship program for nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs, opportunities for leadership and business growth are boundless.

Happily CEO: Pandemic brings opportunities for tech startups

Innovation 2 Enterprise

By Scott Meacham. Information technology plays a super-sized role In Oklahoma’s innovation economy.

8 Czech VCs on green shoots, pandemic impacts and 2021 opportunities


Still, new opportunities are popping up in remote work, psychedelics and wellness. Most said their investments hadn’t been significantly impacted by COVID-19, but future uncertainly is a concern. What trends are you most excited about investing in, generally?

How I Invest

Both Sides of the Table

During the Q&A I was asked about how I make investment decisions in early-stage businesses. I know that sounds trite but it’s the best way I can describe my early-stage investments. If I don’t do both then it’s highly unlikely I will invest. I know now that investments will consume many hours including late nights / early mornings and weekends. Often as I describe to people privately why I invested the first reaction is not to immediately get it.

Revolution Growth Invests in Curbio, the Leading Proptech Platform for Pre-Sale Home Renovation


the proptech company seizing an untapped opportunity within the $85B pre-sale home improvement market and the latest addition to the Revolution Growth portfolio. What do you look for in an investment partner?

Different Ways To Invest In Startups: The Opportunity… And The Catch


In this post, I wanted to briefly break-down the different ways folks can invest today (*assuming they have access to capital — more on that below in a footnote) and benefits & drawbacks of each one. Note, everything comes with a catch… Angel Investing. The Opportunity: This is where truly 1,000x outcomes happen. The Catch: You need to get the capital to invest first. – The Opportunity: This is the dream! You show up and invest.