Bridging the Rural Opportunity Gap

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We launched Center on Rural Innovation to address what has become the largest rural opportunity gap in our nation’s history. There is a massive division between rural and urban places in terms of economic and health indicators by almost every measure.” —Matt Dunne.

TrekIT Health Raises $1M Seed Extension, Hires New Executive Chairman

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TrekIT Health (HT- ‘18) is a HIPAA compliant and secure, real-time workspace for synthesizing information across EHRs and care teams. Investors echo the market opportunity and Dr. Airan-Javia’s vision for the company.

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4 Reasons to Be Optimistic Today

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And that’s been an opportunity to cut out after-school activities and drop the commutes. 4 Opportunities for Growth During a Pandemic. To make bold choices despite the business-related challenges you face, I recommend considering these hopeful (yet pragmatic) opportunities.

NeuroFlow Closes $7.5M Series A Financing to Advance Behavioral Health Integration and Engagement

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NeuroFlow ( Healthtech - Fall 2019 ) is a platform for getting patients with behavioral health issues better by supporting clinical teams with collaborative and measurement-based tools in all care settings.

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Pandemic brings lasting change to world of hospitality, health care

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” With a turnkey solution that can scale up or down, depending on the needs of the property, these industry changes offer new opportunities to Monscierge. By Scott Meacham.

AI and Health Care

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

This slide got my attention: It is interesting, and not totally surprising, that the sector that AI-focused entrepreneurs are targeting more than any other is health and wellbeing. David Kelnar sent me this deck that he did on the state of AI. It is very good.

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OCAST Health Research Conference focuses steps to advancing products to market

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Once a year, the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) gathers scientists from across the state who are currently receiving funding from its health research program in a sort of show-and-tell educational event. Recently, about 100 OCAST-funded life science researchers assembled at the Samis Family Education Center on the Oklahoma Health Center campus for OCAST’s 32nd Health Research Conference. By Jim Stafford.

Founders Share Stories and Encouragement on Mental Wellness


Fair Opportunity Project, Wisconsin, USA. COVID-19 forced my co-founder to move across the country for childcare support, as we both worked round the clock to adjust to rapidly changing health regulations and shifting sales channels. Fair Opportunity Project.

Video: Your Mental Health - 9 Things To Keep in Mind

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Hence the strain on our mental health. It's important that you ensure your mental health is strong, for you and your family - and your business. Some of these tips are adapted from this blog post about mental health on HelloAlice. Covid19 Operations health mental health

How to Say “No”: Five Templates to Turn Down Opportunities Gracefully

Jason Calacanis

For kind folks who get famous, saying no is a non-stop burden, but saying no isn’t just critical for the mental health of famous authors or podcasters, it’s something that founders have to be ruthless about because the startups that succeed are, universally, the ones that scale a single product and business model (Google:Search, Uber:Rides, Facebook:Social Network, etc.) — at least in their first five to ten years.

BrainCheck Raised $8M in Series A Funding to Help Doctors Assess the Cognitive Health of Patients

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The startup helps physicians assess and track the mental health of their patients. Unsurprisingly, startups increasingly recognize opportunities to cater to this aging population. What’s the opportunity here? BrainCheck (Dreamit Healthtech Fall 2016) raised $8M in funding.

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The Money Trap: How to Choose Between Money and Passion

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There is always an opportunity to do things differently. HEALTH INNOVATION WORK-LIFE INTEGRATION goals motivation passion Shawn JohalContributed by Shawn Johal, business growth coach, leadership speaker and co-founder of DALS Lighting, Inc.

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Advice from Warren Rustand: Put Your Head Down and Walk Into the Storm

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For entrepreneurs, the job now is to look past that daunting torrent and to the opportunity beyond it. Because there is opportunity. Written for EO by Kalika Yap , an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member in Los Angeles.

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[Medisafe in PR Newswire] TI Health and Medisafe Partner to Extend 1st Party Patient Targeting Solutions


Data-driven healthcare marketing leader TI Health has entered into a partnership with Medisafe, to further build out education and awareness opportunities for unique hand-raising patient targeting solutions for pharmaceutical companies.

Attitude Is Everything

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What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.” – J. I am sure my son will remember this year for the right reasons now: He turned an obstacle into an opportunity.

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On the Road to Racial Equality, Start with These 10 Steps

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Give them the opportunity to grow and flourish. BUSINESS GROWTH HEALTH LEADERSHIP PEOPLE/STAFF WORK-LIFE INTEGRATION black lives matter BTI Brand Innovations diversity eo toronto equality Parveen DhuparWritten by Parveen Dhupar , chief creative officer at BTI Brand Innovations Inc.

As Big Business Pivots, An Opportunity For Small Business

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Emotional health, physical well being, security and beyond. So for US smaller companies who might be experts in emotional health, home office decorations and etc, we have the OPPORTUNITY to adapt and sell in new ways.

Ready to Disrupt Health Care? Applications open for the UnitedHealthcare Accelerator Powered by Techstars


The digital health market is transforming before our eyes. Unprecedented capital is penetrating the health-tech sector, with startups seeing over $8B in funding in 2018, exceeding 2017’s $5.7B venture funding, and digital health IPOs are starting to infiltrate Wall Street.

The Value of Letting Go to Gain Perspective

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After 20 years managing the digital agency she founded , Adrienne now pursues opportunities to share her knowledge with other entrepreneurs, to grow alongside her peers, and to meaningfully explore the world. . Our clan embraced the opportunity to disconnect and slow down.

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Keeping Order in Your Office

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Before you know it, you are swamped and missing out on important opportunities! A cluttered physical space affects your mental health, increases stress and anxiety, brings confusion to your thoughts and blocks your creativity and workflow.

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Why Entrepreneurs Must Harness the Power of Sleep

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This need not necessarily be in one go, so the opportunity for a nap ( NASA recommends 26 minutes! ), ideally before 3 pm can truly help us catch up on our rest during the day. And this can’t be done without good health and enough rest.

A Weeklong Series: 10 Tech Trends from the Decade That Was … and What Will Be


We’ll kick it off with sectors many of us may be thinking about as we contemplate New Year’s resolutions: health, wellness, and diet. Health & Wellness Society’s focus on how we stay healthy physically and mentally has become a huge industry.

The Secret to Become More Interesting Is… Making a List?

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By providing them with an opportunity to do just that, I inevitably become more interesting—not only to them, but also to myself. HEALTH WORK-LIFE INTEGRATION bucket list Jeff Shugart list retirementWritten by Jeff Shugart, retired senior executive. .

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Amid the pandemic, we can see the outlines of opportunity and a future assured

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We now find ourselves, along with the rest of the world, in the middle of a health and economic situation the likes of which we have never seen, including the most rapid job loss in history. But we can see the outlines of opportunity and a future that is assured. By Scott Meacham.

Business and Entrepreneurship Will Play a Critical Role in Creating a Better World. Here’s How.

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Will there be economic opportunity for all? What does meaningful opportunity look like in the Next Economy? By Enoch Elwell. Open your phone, select your favorite feed, and start scrolling.

How to Pull Yourself Out of a Mental Low Point

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Opportunity over worry. HEALTH EO Adelaide mental health Mike Scott NONABecause being an entrepreneur is hard. And low points are inevitable. Written by Mike Scott, co-founder and CEO of NONA , a software development studio based in South Africa.

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WWF Switzerland CEO Thomas Vellacott shares his views of a world touched by a pandemic

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For 9 years and counting, WWF and Impact Hub have collaborated and supported innovations to accelerate, and scale solutions tackling environmental issues and economic opportunities in local communities. .

Our Economy Measures Success with the Wrong Metrics. Here is How We Should Measure Successful Economic Development

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How do we measure the health of each of these groups? While GDP gives a broad baseline indicator of a given political unit’s economic health, it is also deeply flawed. Everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve their potential. By Enoch Elwell.

HealthTech News Roundup

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This issue is the latest in a series of problems for IBM's Watson Health product suite. An article in NPR describes a recent study that linked high-deductible health plans to delayed diagnosis and treatment. Upcoming Events Rock Health Enterprise Insights Series | NYC, Washington, D.C.,

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Wellth Raises $10M in Series A Funding

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Market Context Failure to comply with prescribed care plans is one of the costliest problems in healthcare, leading to diminished health outcomes and increased care utilization.

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The Startups and Investors Bringing Voice Tech to Healthcare

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From using voice analysis to identify behavioral health issues to streamlining physician documentation of patient interactions, startups have incorporated voice technology to improve the value and efficiency of care. Voice tech is on the rise.

COVID-19 Coverage That Delivers Counsel and Comfort

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The World Health Organization (WHO) sets out to debunk some of the top myths surrounding the novel coronavirus —including whether or not the virus can affect young people. . Here’s how a mother of two in Hong Kong reimagined the time home as an opportunity to bond with her children. How to Care for Your Mental Health During Crisis. Explore ways to support your behavioral health. . HEALTH #EOTogether coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic quarantine WHO

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Black Dreams Matter, Every Day

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The heroes in this story are the tenacious founders who are unearthing opportunity for themselves, overcoming unfair obstacles, and paving the way for others as they go. To not just promote, but to truly create, opportunities for everyone. .

Top Four Survival Tips for Small Business Owners

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Embrace this era of uncertainty as an opportunity. Health care laboratories innovate, collaborate and share findings like never before. Prioritize your team’s safety and mental health. How to take care of your restaurant staff during a health crisis. •

In the News: OurCrowd companies seek 100’s of new employees


OurTalent, OurCrowd’s jobs portal, currently lists hundreds of vacant positions from within its portfolio companies, with fresh opportunities added each week. Digital health is growing fast, spurred by social distancing during the pandemic.

We’re Entering the Stay-Home Economy. Here are 10 Industries That Will Be Winners

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Physical and Mental Health Apps. Meditation apps like Headspac e and Calm will provide opportunities for users to unwind after a long day of solitary work or managing a household full of kids off school. Virtual Health Services. Opportunity in the Stay-Home Economy.

An In-Depth Look at The Medical Device Cybersecurity Startup Landscape

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Health systems and hospitals face unprecedented cybersecurity challenges. These devices are a real threat to the health of the patient in each bed, the health of all of the patients in the hospital, and the hospital’s entire network.