Opportunity Amid Volatility


You’ll see posts like this on TechCrunch about various VCs warning their portfolio founders to brace themselves for a cash crunch, and today USV’s Fred Wilson reiterated an important point he often returns to, that in the game of startup financing, it’s a game of going for growth or profitability, and eventually, valuation multiples compress. It’s an unusual time in the markets.

Getaround tops up $25M debt financing to its $140M Series E


Silicon Valley peer-to-peer car rental startup Getaround has secured a $25 million loan from Horizon Technology Finance Corporation. Dan Devorsetz , Horizon’s chief investment officer, told TechCrunch that venture debt has been a part of Getaround’s financing strategy for 2020. “It


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Liberis, the embedded finance provider for SMEs, raises additional £70M in equity and debt


based fintech that provides finance for small businesses as an alternative to a traditional bank loan or extended overdraft , has replenished its own coffers with £70 million in funding. to offer finance for small businesses paid back via customer card transactions. Liberis , the U.K.-based

5 Tips for Getting Your New Business Finances Set up for Success


While it may sound obvious, your finances are one of the most critical elements of any business. In this article, you’ll learn five tips for getting your new business finances set up for success this year. You can accomplish this by tracking and planning your finances.

Singapore-based open finance startup Finantier gets backing from Y Combinator


Finantier , a Singapore-based open finance startup, wants to streamline that data with a single API that gives financial services access to user data, with their consent. Open finance grew out of open banking, the same framework that Plaid and Tink are built on.

4 Reasons to Be Optimistic Today

Entrepreneurs' Organization

And that’s been an opportunity to cut out after-school activities and drop the commutes. 4 Opportunities for Growth During a Pandemic. To make bold choices despite the business-related challenges you face, I recommend considering these hopeful (yet pragmatic) opportunities. An opportunity to lead with compassion and set an example. An opportunity to trim fat from your budget. An opportunity to update your safety standards.

Expanding Opportunity In Franklin County, Ohio

Forward Cities

For many cities, a history of red-lining , unequal development, and decisions to build highways through thriving minority communities contributed in significant ways to disparities in wealth and access to opportunities in our neighborhoods. Low Financial Literacy – Entrepreneurs are often not equipped with critical financial literacy skills needed for managing and stabilizing personal finances that sets them up for greater success when deciding to launch or grow a business.

Nerdy, a tutoring marketplace startup, is going public via SPAC


Nerdy will merge with TPG Pace Tech Opportunities (NYSE: PACE), a publicly traded SPAC since 2015. Nerdy is among consumer edtech businesses that saw rapid growth and opportunity due to the demands of remote learning brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

NeuroFlow Closes $7.5M Series A Financing to Advance Behavioral Health Integration and Engagement

Dream It

million Series A financing round led by San Francisco-based Builders VC. Partnering with Builders VC aligns us with a team of industry experts who understand both the challenges and opportunities in transforming the way behavioral health is addressed and treated.” NeuroFlow ( Healthtech - Fall 2019 ) is a platform for getting patients with behavioral health issues better by supporting clinical teams with collaborative and measurement-based tools in all care settings.

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Cybersecurity firm benefits from Oklahoma opportunities

Innovation 2 Enterprise

TokenEx received Technology Business Finance Program (TBFP) funding and an OARs research grant from OCAST (Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology). By Scott Meacham. Copyright © 2019, The Oklahoman. As I talk daily with Oklahoma’s entrepreneurs, elected officials and investors, I have yet to find one single person who does not agree that economic diversification is critical to our state’s future.

Accredited Investor Definition Expanded to Increase Access to Investment Opportunities

Angel Capital Association

Addition of the term “spousal equivalent” to the accredited investor definition, so that spousal equivalents may pool their finances for the purpose of qualifying as accredited investors. By: Pat Gouhin, Chief Executive Officer After ACA’s multi-pronged, multi-year advocacy for amendment to the “accredited investor” definition, we are pleased to report we’ve met with success.

Solution Stories: Expanding Opportunity in Franklin County, Ohio

Forward Cities

For many cities, a history of red-lining , unequal development, and decisions to build highways through thriving minority communities contributed in significant ways to disparities in wealth and access to opportunities in our neighborhoods. Low Financial Literacy – Entrepreneurs are often not equipped with critical financial literacy skills needed for managing and stabilizing personal finances that sets them up for greater success when deciding to launch or grow a business.

Nigerian founders-turn-investors are now running syndicate funds


However , the whole process proved difficult and the fund wasn’t able to because he was stuck in Nigeria and could not visit London, New York and Washington DC, “where institutional and development finance capital sits.”

How International Founders Can Raise US Financing

Startup Grind

c) Unicorn aspirations As mobile has grown in the rest of the world, there’s more and more international opportunity. As we’ve seen companies like Alibaba, JD, Didi, Careem, Go-jek, Grab, and many more become massive companies, the opportunity has shifted from people thinking the U.S. centric investors will be biased to believe that your opportunity is small.

3 Ways Digitizing Your Finance Department Can Lead to Business Growth

Smart Hustle Magazine

Investing in the digitization of your finance team is a great way to boost the efficiency and growth of your small business. In fact, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that today 40 percent of finance activities can be fully automated. Empower your finance team to think big.

What Is Debt Financing? – Types, Sources, Pros & Cons


It is when the founders need to make a tough decision of whether to raise money by diluting ownership ( equity financing ) or by taking loans (debt financing). This makes many founders choose debt financing as a capital financing method, that requires repayment along with interest.

Mono, a startup that wants to build Plaid for Africa, gets backing from Y Combinator


In a region where more than half of the population is either unbanked or underbanked , these open finance players are trying to improve financial inclusion on the continent. Open finance thrives on the notion that with access to a financial ecosystem via open APIs and new routes to move money, access financial information and make borrowing decisions, the barriers and costs of entry for the unbanked and underbanked might come down. .

SeedFi closes on $65M to help financially struggling Americans get ahead


Flourish, Core Innovation Capital and Quiet Capital also participated in the latest financing. Millions of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and struggle to get out of a debt cycle.

A Dallas-based founder looks to tackle the student loan crisis with his startup, College Cash


” He says that even as Silicon Valley continues to idolize dropouts from prestigious universities, stakeholders have less interest in recognizing the accomplishments of founders who fought their way through poverty or found opportunity in geographies where opportunities are harder to come by.

Hugh opportunities do NOT command amazing pre-money valuations.


So, the angels who provided the most valuable and risky financing for the gazelle that can grow to a $200 million valuation quickly are going to get diluted by subsequent investors, probably by three to five-fold. Dave’s note: Popular Bill Payne returns this week with a thoughtful take on valuations. By Bill Payne.

Stori raises $32.5M in a Lightspeed-led Series B to build Mexico’s credit card for the masses


And for the founders of Mexico City-based startup Stori , they spell opportunity. Lightspeed Venture Partners led the company’s financing, which brings Stori’s total raised since its early 2018 inception to $50 million.

Innovation In Capital Markets

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Then we will have the opportunity to see two identical assets trade in the traditional and emerging markets. There will be arbitrage opportunities and more when this happens and the new markets will put pressure on the traditional markets to adapt and change and evolve as fast as they can. USV TEAM POSTS: blockchain crypto hacking finance stocks

Fintech startup Finix closes on $3M in Black and Latinx investor-led SPV


It was also an initiative aimed at giving Black and Latinx investors access to an opportunity they may not have otherwise had. “So creating an opportunity for access to folks who might not otherwise have it is game-changing.”

Making Sense of the Stock Market Drops in Relation to Venture Financing

Both Sides of the Table

I saw a few friends politely suggesting that “now was a great stock buying opportunity” meaning that given the stock market is off by 10% it was a great chance to buy and lock in presumably low prices before the market rises again. It will make follow-on financings much harder and people will have to consider whether or not to do inside rounds.

YC-backed Djamo is building a financial super app for consumers in Francophone Africa


Djamo is one of such companies taking advantage of this opportunity to bring affordable and seamless banking to the region. “Banking services are really difficult to access here, and we saw that as a huge opportunity,” Djamo CEO Bourgi said to TechCrunch.

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Fintech Marqeta expands into credit card space days after filing for an IPO


” “This technology is complex, and we saw that this barrier to market had created an opportunity for us to take what we’ve learned helping customers innovate in the prepaid and debit space and adapt that to credit,” he told TechCrunch.

Newsletter: Tech jobs soar + Sweeter berries


See some opportunities below: Finance Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis for DailyPay (NY). 400% hiring boom at OurCrowd companies. Driscoll’s calls in SCiO to rate berries. SPACs become main event for Israeli startups. BioCatch gets US patent for user credential verification.

Disrupting Finance From Above: Wealthfront


With the benefit of our newfound perspective, Benchmark asked Andy and CEO Adam Nash if there might still be an opportunity to invest. Finance government stimulus Internet Payment Regulation Uncategorized Venture Capital Disruption payments wealthfront Many entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley believe that the financial services industry in the United States is “ripe for disruption. ” The basis of this argument is really two fold.

Accel backs Mexican startup Flink’s effort to bring consumer investing to Latin America


Mexico’s ALLVP, Clocktower, Kevin Efrusy and Oskar Hjertonsson and existing backer Raptor Financial Group participated in the financing as well. Finance Funding Recent Funding Startups TC Accel andrew braccia finance financial services Flink latin america London Mexico

Author-entrepreneur says i2E offers ‘founder-friendly’ financing through state-funded program

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Recently, when Elliott Adams, author of The Startup Mixtape: The Guide to Building and Launching a High-Growth Technology Startup signed up for i2E’s Venture Assessment Program (VAP), it was a great opportunity for us to gain perspective from an industry pro. He was talking about the Technology Business Finance Program (TBFP), Oklahoma’s nationally recognized pre-seed capital fund that i2E administers for the Oklahoma Center for Science and Technology. By Scott Meacham.

New Early Stage Financing Options for Entrepreneurs


These are emerging group of professional investors (venture capitalists, ala VCs), who are investing from a fund of other people’s money, with a particular focus on seed-stage startup opportunities. Despite these pundits, I sense a fundamental change in the early-stage financing eco-system. If you are new to the entrepreneurial world of startups, you are likely confused by the terminology of seed-stage, lean startups, micro-VCs, and Super Angels.

Extra Crunch roundup: ‘Nightmare’ security breach, Poshmark’s IPO, crypto boom, more


From startups to Starbucks: The embedded API opportunity. Embedded finance connects services like payment processing with everyday activities like grabbing a coffee before unlocking an e-scooter. ” From startups to Starbucks: The embedded API opportunity.

Equity financing: great for rapid growth startups


We’ve spoken of financing a young company through friends and family, known as “inside angels.” Your opportunity becomes real when you are invited to present to the entire group at a lunch or dinner meeting, after which time one of the members or a paid group leader begins to seek commitments from the members to invest in your. Those are difficult goals for most entrepreneurs, making this form of financing unavailable to most, but attractive to those that fit into these criteria.

Top Four Survival Tips for Small Business Owners

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Embrace this era of uncertainty as an opportunity. BUSINESS GROWTH FINANCES INNOVATION LEADERSHIP PEOPLE/STAFF PR/MARKETING coronavirus COVID-19 small businessRemember when owning a small business was risky but rewarding? Stressful but satisfying? And then COVID-19 hit. In the midst of a global pandemic, being responsible for your own business—as well as the livelihoods of your employees—very likely seems overwhelming if not completely debilitating.

Is fintech’s Series A market hot, or just overhyped?


Fintech’s $138 billion opportunity. Column Finance Startups TC Venture Capital corporate finance entrepreneurship financial infrastructure financial technology Fintech fintech infrastructureRyan Falvey. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

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One of the Best Business Opportunities in the Next Decade

Tomasz Tunguz

Effectively, the company borrows money from its customers at less than zero interest to finance its growth. Of course, startups pursuing opportunities in the Industrial Internet will accelerate this pace of change. IoT is a fundamental reinvention of the way the largest industries do business which makes it one of the best business opportunities of the next decade

7 Tips Every Startup Should Follow to Maintain Financial Health


Related: 5 Financing Sources for New Businesses. Checking your expenses regularly and keeping a shrewd eye to cut any unnecessary expenses is vital to ensure your money is being spent properly or is at your disposal for any investment opportunities.

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