Six Reasons We Love Investing in Founders in Small Cities


You face a lot of challenges—anything from your commute time, to finding great talent, to landing big investments, to connecting with your target customers (fashion and beauty companies come to mind, for instance). Staying in business in a small city or an emerging market can be truly difficult, so what if you invest in a company that doesn’t make it? When a company raises another round of financing, it comes at a higher valuation than when we invested in it.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, make these 8 investments

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Invest in Yourself. We all invest our time and money in people and things. The best investment for entrepreneurs is always going to be in themselves. This could mean your health, education, well-being or relationships—anything that can fine-tune and improve your life will bring the highest return on investment because the cost is often very small. Invest in yourself in both small and big ways. Invest in Your Business. Invest in Tax Strategy.


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Investing In You

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In early 2018, we happened to fall into one of those phases where we had lots of new cases requiring lots of up-front investments in records, experts and filing fees. I streamlined my accounts and finances. The post Investing In You appeared first on THE BLOG.

Why and How Companies Must Prepare for ESG Investing


Historically, revenue, capital growth and safety of returns have been the key determinants used by investors when making any investment decision. What is ESG investing? ESG investing is a new way of looking at investing. ESG investment trends.

Columbus-based Tribevest bags $3M for its collaborative investing platform


The brothers had dreams of finding their own financial freedom through investing in real estate, but didn’t have enough individual capital to go into business alone. “On It also offers tools including a business ledger for groups to track their investment performance. .

Google’s Africa Investment Fund makes first investment in Uganda’s SafeBoda


Internet giant Google announced today that it has made the first investment from its Africa Investment Fund in Ugandan super app SafeBoda. Google sets up $50M fund to invest in African startups.

Interswitch receives $110M investment from LeapFrog and Tana Africa Capital


African payments company Interswitch has secured a $110 million joint investment from LeapFrog Investments and Tana Africa Capital to scale its digital payment services across the continent , the two private investment firms said in a statement Wednesday.

Creative Juice launches a $50M fund to invest in creators


They refer to distributing “Juice Funds,” their investments in creators, as underwriting creator businesses or as revenue-based financing. I wish there was a way to invest in social media influencers!

iMCI managed investment funds

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Technology Business Finance Program *. This Concept Fund provides pre-seed financing and early stage risk capital to advance scalable startup Oklahoma companies to prove new products and processes. OCAST TBFP has made 151 investments in 139 companies totaling $12.95

Revenue-based financing: The next step for private equity and early-stage investment


Thomas Rush is founder of Bootstrapp and Head of Investment Platform at ConsenSys Mesh. Revenue-based investing ( RBI), also known as revenue-based financing, or revenue-share investing, 1 is a natural next step for the private equity and early-stage venture investment industry.

How I Invest

Both Sides of the Table

During the Q&A I was asked about how I make investment decisions in early-stage businesses. I know that sounds trite but it’s the best way I can describe my early-stage investments. If I don’t do both then it’s highly unlikely I will invest. I know now that investments will consume many hours including late nights / early mornings and weekends. Often as I describe to people privately why I invested the first reaction is not to immediately get it.

Investing and Saving as a Woman Entrepreneur

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Sharon Oberlander, a wealth management advisor with Merrill Lynch and long-time mentor to women entrepreneurs and executives, shares her thoughts on what women in business should know about investing, retirement and personal finance. So the question ‘are you investing in this market?’

Newsletter: Top Investment Opportunities


Join OurCrowd as we invest in Sfara , a US-based company that leads this market, replacing specialized in-vehicle hardware previously required, with software-only technology based on smartphones. Additionally, Webank committed to $100 million in receivables financing.

African Startups Raising Investment to Further Drive Economic and Social Impact

Impact Hub

Meet some of the outstanding African entrepreneurs addressing challenges in sectors ranging from finance to healthcare to education and keep an eye out for the program’s Dealbook, where the full cohort will be featured.

Business Entity Types Affect Financing Options


One of the most important things that your businesses entity type will impact is the financing options available to you. Business entity and financing. At some point in the business cycle, companies will eventually seek outside financing.

Egyptian investment app Thndr nabs $20M from Tiger Global, Prosus Ventures and others


But as a relatively young population, most of them have minimal equity market and investment exposure. The company has raised a $20 million Series A round to democratize investing in the Middle East and North Africa. We’re big on building an investment supermarket.

Key Risks of Angel Investing

The Seraf Compass

? Early stage investing is an inherently risky way to invest. The list of high level risks is long and includes financing risk, technical risk, and market risk. As angel investors, you need to be aware of the key risks you are taking with your investment

TechCrunch: Where top VCs are investing in construction robotics

Dream It

Matt Murphy and Grace Ge, Menlo Ventures Which trends are you most excited about in construction robotics from an investing perspective? We are active in construction with investments such as HOVER and Fieldwire and believe the entire sector is right for a digital and automation overhaul.

An Investment Fund for NYC Foodies

This is going to be BIG.

I don't remember whether it was over a meal at Good Fork , Rucola , Martha , or maybe over an Ample Hills ice cream cone, but I've definitely said the words "Wouldn't it be cool if you could setup a way to invest in the growth of the food and beverage scene in Brooklyn--like, the whole thing. Circles are separately managed private funds that invest in companies on the CircleUp platform. They are intended to provide investors an alternative to direct investments in companies.

Tiger Global and Greycroft back Nigerian investment app Bamboo in $15M round


But with fractional investing, pioneered by Robinhood, access to these securities are democratized and people can own smaller shares in big companies. There are many Robinhood-esque platforms globally because of a growing need to invest in U.S.

Ben Franklin Investments Pay Huge Dividends for Pa.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Year after year, even in the most difficult economic times, Ben Franklin continues to succeed, delivering impressive results with its investments,” said Ryan E. Investments in innovation are the foundation of the new economy.”. The centers invest more than money alone.

How Venture Capitalist Diane Yoo Chooses Her Startup Investments


With so many entrepreneurs and startup ventures seeking investment opportunities, it’s crucial that venture capitalists (VCs) create a list of criteria they want their potential investments to meet.

New Study by MPOWER Financing Shows the Value of Investing in Immigrants

Dream It

An Impact-Investing Success Story: Goldman Sachs-Backed Fintech Fuels Double Bottom Line by Investing in International Students A new study by MPOWER Financing (Dreamit Spring 2016 alum) highlights the dramatic impact of no-cosigner loans for international and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) students on campus diversity, gender equity, and financial inclusion. About MPOWER Financing MPOWER Financing, headquartered in Washington, D.C.,

Alto raises $40 million to help individuals make tax-savvy investments in assets like crypto and artwork


Alternative investments are having a moment. Institutions have fueled a large part of this growth, investing at record pace into alternatives like crypto, private companies and real estate.

WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Venture Capital Investment at Record Numbers in First Half of 2021 (Episode 268)


On today’s Business Beat, Jeff discusses venture capital investment, which was at a record high throughout the first half of 2021 and is experiencing greater gains through all stages in North America, according to Crunchbase. Why the torrid pace of venture investing?

The Four Cities Every Startup Should Invest in Visiting

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The post The Four Cities Every Startup Should Invest in Visiting appeared first on THE BLOG. FINANCES Guest contributors LEADERSHIP Networking aleda schaffer cities entrepreneurs' organization invest startup

Why I Angel Invest

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I’m sharing my thought process because perhaps it will nudge some of you to angel invest too! I consider myself a furiously curious person, and angel investing is one of the most rewarding ways I’ve experienced to satisfy this curiosity.

5 Worthy Tech Investments for Your Businesses

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In fact, overall digital transformation (DX) investments are expected to reach $7.8 Business Finances in 2021. The post 5 Worthy Tech Investments for Your Businesses appeared first on

Investing Outside The Bay Area


When I began investing a little over five years ago, it felt like the conventional wisdom was that one had to invest in the Bay Area to harvest venture-like returns. From an investment point of view, managing and deploying capital in the same physical area makes sense, where investors can work with young companies and help them with a variety of things. In terms of dollars at work, In Haystack II, nearly 10% of the fund’s capital was invested outside the Bay Area.

Governments should invest in their diaspora founders


have created or supported funds to invest in local VC managers. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking at Harvard Business School. all bear the marks of government investment. Instead, they should consider investing in VC funds that invest in their diaspora.

Why 2022 insurtech investment could surprise you


Fundings & Exits Startups EC Fintech EC insurtech EC Newsletter entrepreneurship finance financial technology insurance insurtech Mary D'Onofrio MetroMile Mundi Ventures PitchBook Data Private Equity renaissance capital Startup company The Exchange venture capital

Invest in Lines, not Dots

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In normal times investors will look for “traction&# before investing. I spoke about this more in depth in these two posts: 4 things I look for in an investment & how to manage VC relationships. Like it or not – finance is a major job function in any company – startup or public company. I didn’t invest in Orgoo but by the time he launched Everyone seems to be in such a rush to get shacked up these days.

Why Revolution Growth is Investing in Orchard


Today we are thrilled to announce our investment in Orchard , a company dramatically simplifying the process of buying and selling a home with a modern, digital experience from search to close.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners Invests in 14 Tech Startups!   

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

STATE COLLEGE, PA – Fourteen companies located in central and northern PA recently received an investment from Ben Franklin Technology Partners that will allow them to further develop and commercialize new products, processes, or software applications. We Invest in Innovation.

6 Finance Books to Help You Make Better Business Decisions


For new startup business owners, this includes reading finance books that will help maximize resources and make more informed decisions. Below is a list of some of the most influential finance books that will help startup owners like you foster a healthy relationship with money.