Revenue-based financing: The next step for private equity and early-stage investment


Thomas Rush is founder of Bootstrapp and Head of Investment Platform at ConsenSys Mesh. Revenue-based investing ( RBI), also known as revenue-based financing, or revenue-share investing, 1 is a natural next step for the private equity and early-stage venture investment industry.

Embedded finance startup Banxware raises €4M seed


Embedded finance — the idea of offering financial products where customers are already congregating via white label solutions and APIs – isn’t an entirely new concept. Liberis, the embedded finance provider for SMEs, raises additional £70M in debt.


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To succeed as an entrepreneur, make these 8 investments

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Invest in Yourself. We all invest our time and money in people and things. The best investment for entrepreneurs is always going to be in themselves. This could mean your health, education, well-being or relationships—anything that can fine-tune and improve your life will bring the highest return on investment because the cost is often very small. Invest in yourself in both small and big ways. Invest in Your Business. Invest in Tax Strategy.

Liberis, the embedded finance provider for SMEs, raises additional £70M in equity and debt


based fintech that provides finance for small businesses as an alternative to a traditional bank loan or extended overdraft , has replenished its own coffers with £70 million in funding. to offer finance for small businesses paid back via customer card transactions. Liberis , the U.K.-based

Six Reasons We Love Investing in Founders in Small Cities


You face a lot of challenges—anything from your commute time, to finding great talent, to landing big investments, to connecting with your target customers (fashion and beauty companies come to mind, for instance). Staying in business in a small city or an emerging market can be truly difficult, so what if you invest in a company that doesn’t make it? When a company raises another round of financing, it comes at a higher valuation than when we invested in it.

Personal finance startup Truebill raises $17M


Truebill , a startup offering a variety of tools to help users take control of their finances, announced today that it has raised $17 million in Series C funding. ” Truebill raises $15M to build a comprehensive platform for personal finance.

Open Finance First, Open Data Second

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

My partner Nick put together a deck outlining USV’s approach to crypto investing earlier this year and we have been using it with founders and investors since then. We expect we will see continued innovation in the open finance (finance 2.0) One slide I particularly like from that deck is this one which describes how we think the crypto market will develop over time.

Getaround tops up $25M debt financing to its $140M Series E


Silicon Valley peer-to-peer car rental startup Getaround has secured a $25 million loan from Horizon Technology Finance Corporation. Dan Devorsetz , Horizon’s chief investment officer, told TechCrunch that venture debt has been a part of Getaround’s financing strategy for 2020. “It

Prime Movers Lab raises $245 million for second fund to invest in early stage science startups


After revealing its first fund just last year, a $100 million pool of investment capital dedicated to early stage startups focusing on sustainable food development, clean energy, health innovation and new space technologies, Prime Movers Lab is back with a second fund.

5 Tips for Getting Your New Business Finances Set up for Success


While it may sound obvious, your finances are one of the most critical elements of any business. In this article, you’ll learn five tips for getting your new business finances set up for success this year. You can accomplish this by tracking and planning your finances.

Titan nabs $12.5M for ‘next generation’ investment management


Titan , a startup that is building a retail investment management platform aimed at millennials, has closed on $12.5 We came from two different backgrounds with respect to investing,” Percoco recalled. “He Titan algorithmically invests for you.

Broaden your view of ‘best’ to make smarter, more inclusive investments


Broaden your view of ‘best’ to make smarter, more inclusive investments. What can we learn from the best 40 venture capital investments of all time? Well, we learn to invest exclusively in men, preferably white or Asian. So, why invest in anyone who’s not a white or Asian male?

Singapore-based open finance startup Finantier gets backing from Y Combinator


Finantier , a Singapore-based open finance startup, wants to streamline that data with a single API that gives financial services access to user data, with their consent. Open finance grew out of open banking, the same framework that Plaid and Tink are built on.

Accel backs Mexican startup Flink’s effort to bring consumer investing to Latin America


we take for granted the ability to invest and trade in the stock market. To him, the lack of widespread participation in investing is an example of the rich getting richer as part of an infrastructure “that is built for the wealthy.” Here in the U.S.,

What’s going on with fintech venture capital investment?


But we can get a peek at a critical part of the VC universe early, thanks to a preview of global fintech investment results from CB Insights. The dataset deals with worldwide investments into fintech companies from the start of October through December 12th.

UK’s PrimaryBid raises $50M as its retail investing platform sees a Covid-19 surge of activity


Today, one of the more promising hopefuls building an investing service in the UK is announcing a significant growth round after seeing a surge of attention this year in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Europe Finance Recent Funding Startups investing primarybid

Twinco Capital scores €3M for its supply chain finance solution


Twinco Capital , a Madrid and Amsterdam-based startup making it easier to access supply chain finance, has raised €3 million in funding. Twinco Capital also has a debt facility with the Spanish investment bank EBN Banco de Negocios, which is common for any type of lending company.

M1 Finance closes $45M Series C mere months after it raised its $33M Series B


Just months after it announced a $33 million Series B, Chicago-based M1 Finance today disclosed a $45 Series C. The new financing event was led by Left Lane Capital , the same investor that led M1’s Series B. M1 Finance raises $33M Series B as it reaches $1.45B AUM.

When should you go for equity financing?


Let’s take a few minutes to examine the kind of equity financing available to small or early stage businesses. We’ve worried together about the moral obligation implicit in taking such investments from people so close, even with their promise never to expect a return.

Financing with grants, not equity or debt


First, an example of grant-based financing . I was chairman of a company that, for twelve years never took a dollar of outside investment. The post Financing with grants, not equity or debt first appeared on BERKONOMICS.

How growth investing grew so big so quickly


Derek Zanutto is a general partner at CapitalG , Alphabet’s independent growth fund, where he invests in data, security and SaaS-based enterprise software. Despite our valuation concerns, we ended up making the investment. Derek Zanutto. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

How I Invest

Both Sides of the Table

During the Q&A I was asked about how I make investment decisions in early-stage businesses. I know that sounds trite but it’s the best way I can describe my early-stage investments. If I don’t do both then it’s highly unlikely I will invest. I know now that investments will consume many hours including late nights / early mornings and weekends. Often as I describe to people privately why I invested the first reaction is not to immediately get it.

TechCrunch: Where top VCs are investing in construction robotics

Dream It

Matt Murphy and Grace Ge, Menlo Ventures Which trends are you most excited about in construction robotics from an investing perspective? We are active in construction with investments such as HOVER and Fieldwire and believe the entire sector is right for a digital and automation overhaul. AI has also begun to play a bigger role in the construction supply chain, production scheduling, labor management, insurance and financing, risk assessment etc.

Key Risks of Angel Investing

The Seraf Compass

? Early stage investing is an inherently risky way to invest. The list of high level risks is long and includes financing risk, technical risk, and market risk. As angel investors, you need to be aware of the key risks you are taking with your investment

Salesforce leads $15M investment in Asian HR tech platform Darwinbox


Darwinbox, which operates a cloud-based human resource management platform, has raised $15 million in a new financing round as the Indian startup looks to further expand in the country and Southeast Asian markets. This is one of Salesforce Ventures’ rare investments in Asia.

Google invests in Indian startups Glance and DailyHunt


Google said on Tuesday it is investing in two Indian startups, Glance and DailyHunt, as the Android-maker makes a further push into the world’s second-largest internet market. Google is also investing in Roposo. Investment in DailyHunt.

How International Founders Can Raise US Financing

Startup Grind

I’ve invested in several startups that started out as international companies and either moved to the U.S. That’s changed a lot in certain markets, like China and Southeast Asia, but for most countries it is still true that there are more investors willing to invest a higher valuations in Silicon Valley than anywhere else in the world. I joined the board of one of my international investments for the first time ever last year. entity that's investible by investors in the U.S.

NeuroFlow Closes $7.5M Series A Financing to Advance Behavioral Health Integration and Engagement

Dream It

million Series A financing round led by San Francisco-based Builders VC. Also participating in the round are Dreamit Ventures , Spring Point Partners, Red & Blue Ventures, and AWT Private Investments. NeuroFlow will use the funds to support the expansion of its team and further invest in product integrations and data science to continue building its comprehensive behavioral health and collaborative care platform.

health 150

Revenue-Based Finance interview: February 23rd, 1pm ET

David Teten - VC

We’ll talk about revenue-based investing and other alternative investment approaches, and my recent work with Jamie Finney and Jonathan Bragdon about the concept of Flexible VC and how and when that approach works.

An Investment Fund for NYC Foodies

This is going to be BIG.

I don't remember whether it was over a meal at Good Fork , Rucola , Martha , or maybe over an Ample Hills ice cream cone, but I've definitely said the words "Wouldn't it be cool if you could setup a way to invest in the growth of the food and beverage scene in Brooklyn--like, the whole thing. Circles are separately managed private funds that invest in companies on the CircleUp platform. They are intended to provide investors an alternative to direct investments in companies.

Why Revolution Growth is Investing in Orchard


Today we are thrilled to announce our investment in Orchard , a company dramatically simplifying the process of buying and selling a home with a modern, digital experience from search to close.

Outfund, the revenue-based finance provider for online businesses, raises £37M


Outfund , the revenue-based finance startup that wants to help online businesses fund growth without giving away equity, has raised £37 million in a “late seed” investment. A mixture of debt and equity, the round is led by Fuel Ventures, alongside TMT Investment.

I’m A Bitcoin Skeptic— Here’s Why I Invested Anyway

Entrepreneur's Handbook

money self finance bitcoin cryptocurrencyA guide for non-conspiracy theorists Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

Prosus Ventures leads $30 million investment in Indian agritech startup DeHaat


On Tuesday, DeHaat , an online platform that offers full-stack agricultural services to farmers, said it has raised $30 million in a new financing round as the Indian firm looks to maintain its accelerated growth despite the pandemic.

Nigerian founders-turn-investors are now running syndicate funds


Simultaneously , they announced that the fund had invested $1.5 The idea for a syndicate fund would come in the following months as the pandemic disrupted investment activities worldwide. Collectively , they have invested more than $2 billion in startups globally.

Investing Outside The Bay Area


When I began investing a little over five years ago, it felt like the conventional wisdom was that one had to invest in the Bay Area to harvest venture-like returns. From an investment point of view, managing and deploying capital in the same physical area makes sense, where investors can work with young companies and help them with a variety of things. In terms of dollars at work, In Haystack II, nearly 10% of the fund’s capital was invested outside the Bay Area.

Porsche and Axel Springer increase investment into their APX accelerator to €55M


Berlin-based early-stage fund APX today announced that its two investors, European publisher Axel Springer and sports car maker Porsche , have increased their investment in the fund to a total of €55 million. ” The idea here is to be able to invest quickly.