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A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

My friend and former colleague Charlie O’Donnell created a new kind of networking event for the moment we are in. These are virtual networking events designed to “include diverse perspectives in the innovation community.”

Event Driven Growth

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I’ve seen event driven growth spurts over the years. Each situation is different but a framework I like is to take your pre-event baseline, your event driven peak, and assume you will give up half of the delta when things return to normal and that will be your new baseline. That has been true of almost every event driven growth spurt I have seen in my career. I realize that most businesses are suffering greatly in this pandemic. Many have been shut completely.


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Event networking app Grip raises $13M, as pandemic forces events to stay virtual


With offline events now firmly moved to online for the foreseeable future, startups in the networking space had to pivot fast in the face of the pandemic. Since last year, Grip moved into an “omnichannel” experience, combining various event types across virtual, hybrid and live.

Challenging Gender Bias in Entrepreneurship: A YLAI Alumni Advisory Board Virtual Event

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

The YLAI Alumni Advisory Board is excited to invite you to an upcoming virtual event entitled “ Challenging Gender Bias in Entrepreneurship “, presented in honor of YLAI4All and International Women’s Day.

Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

In recent years, cold calling has become synonymous with rejection and failure. But the numbers aren't that clear; while less than 2% of today’s cold calls actually result in meetings, 78% of decision-makers have taken an appointment or attended an event as a result of a cold call. What’s the verdict?

YC’s First Lightning Tech Talks Series & Hiring Event on September 10

Y Combinator

Because we want to keep the event a bit more intimate and personal, we’re asking people to apply, and ranking their interest in companies prior to the event. Event Startups Work at a Startup YC Events Feature

SaaS 71

Virtual Incubation and Acceleration Services: What Really Works?


Ecosystem News InBIA EventsThe post Virtual Incubation and Acceleration Services: What Really Works? appeared first on InBIA.

TouchCast raises $55M to grow its mixed reality-based virtual event platform


A lot of what we have seen in virtual events, and in particular conferences, has to date been, effectively, a managed version of a group call on one of the established videoconferencing platforms like Zoom, Google’s Hangout, Microsoft’s Teams, Webex and so on.

The Unforeseen Benefits of Online Events

Tomasz Tunguz

In this era, virtual events have replaced IRL events. Virtual events have many obvious benefits. No hotels, no event venues, no catering, no ensuring guests are in the right city at the right time. Many of our portfolio companies have experimented with virtual events quite successfully. An IRL event of 50, when transitioned online, will swell to 250-500 registrants. Of course, virtual events have trade-offs.

Current Events and Math

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

If I was teaching math right now, I would be using these events to teach complicated math concepts to my students. Watching the election returns last night made me think about all of the math we are learning in the last year. Now that our elections include different kinds of votes that have different demographics associated with them (mail-in votes, early votes, same-day votes), the absolute numbers move all around as the votes are being counted and reported.

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Last chance to save on dual-event passes to Early Stage 2021


Buy a dual-event pass before the early-bird deadline: Tonight, March 26 at 11:59 pm (PST). Don’t let qualms about virtual event quality hold you back. Events Startups TC TC Early Stage 2021Procrastinators, last-minute decision makers and overwhelmed entrepreneurs heed this call!

8 Steps to Building a Plan for Your First Customer Event

Smart Hustle Magazine

If you are working on your first event for your customers, you need a plan. That’s true for any kind of event, from a festival to a fundraiser to a funhouse. Writing an event plan might sound like a major project, and it kind of is. That’s because it’s the best way to prove your event is a valuable investment to potential partners, sponsors, and other stakeholders. Step #1: Craft your event mission statement. Step #4: Tell a vivid story about your event.

A Well-Organized Event Promotes Networking

Entrepreneurs' Organization

As a certified meeting professional (CMP) and the CEO of Special D Events , a national business event management agency, Galle knows what it takes to design a meeting or event for proper networking. Communicate with your event host.

The 2019 Top Coworking Events


Not sure what coworking industry events you would like to attend in 2019? All of those events offer a great opportunity to network and many ways to gain your knowledge. Learn from failures or get inspired by success stories and enjoy the Indian cuisine in Goa. Discover the latest market trends in Denver's old opera house and explore the surrounding Rocky Mountains. Study how coworking spaces are financed and become sustainable in Gdansk or Alicante and widen your horizon at the sea.

2020 Top Coworking Industry Events


São Paulo, Bali, Seattle, Erfurt or Vienna. those are the locations of the next large coworking gatherings. Mark the dates in your calendar

Dual-event ticket prices to TC Early Stage 2021 increase this Friday


Kill two adages with one click, buy a dual-event pass at the early-bird price and you’ll save $100 or more. Prices on dual-event passes go up this Friday, March 26 at precisely 11:59 pm (PST). We’ve all heard the adage, less is more.

YC’s Director of Events on Hosting a Virtual Event

Y Combinator

It’s likely that the responsibility of hosting virtual events no longer falls solely on the webinar expert in your organization. It’s now a necessity for all teams to host their own virtual events to stay connected with customers, employees and followers. Advice Event Feature

energy 102

Launch next-level networking with CrunchMatch at our TC Sessions: Space event


TC Sessions: Space 2020 , our first space technology event, launches December 16-17, and you won’t want to miss our virtual conference focused on this fast-emerging startup category. Events Space Startups CrunchMatch TC Sessions Space 2020

Hopin raises $125M for its online events platform on the back of surging growth


This morning Hopin , a startup that provides online events software, announced that it has closed a $125 million Series B round of capital. Its virtual events technology caught a tailwind when COVID-19 cancelled travel and in-person events all around the world.

Come Check Out a Very Important LA Tech Event on June 1st

Both Sides of the Table

Tomorrow LA is hosting an important tech event - please consider registering and coming by. A special thanks to Jason Lehmbeck , founder & ceo of DataPop , a great LA startup of which I have been a long-standing fan, for championing this event and bringing it to my attention. The core idea behind the event is to tap into the hacker spirit in each community in a way that leverages the latest tech and open data to strengthen our democracy and communities across the country.

Students Innovate at Entrepreneurship and STEAM Event


The post Students Innovate at Entrepreneurship and STEAM Event appeared first on EntreEd. Students from Boone and Lincoln Counties in West Virginia participated in Entrepreneurship and STEAM day at Bridge Valley. News Articles of Note News Room Our Announcements

Pivoting in the pandemic, Citysocializer relaunches as a ‘Get Your Guide for virtual events’


and Canada participating in hundreds of live, virtual group events, classes and workshops. CEO and founder Sanchita Saha says she has seen per person event bookings increase 300% from an average of two to six events per person per month.

Smart Women, Smart Hustle - New Events, Community and Content

Smart Hustle Magazine

This consists of CONTENT, EVENTS, and COMMUNITY! In partnership with Liz Caruso, of Liz King Events , Smart Hustle has also launched a community for female founders. a new community and event for female founders. The post Smart Women, Smart Hustle - New Events, Community and Content appeared first on with Ramon Ray. Women-owned and women-led businesses are on the rise.

Vivenu, a ticketing API for events, closes a $15M Series A round led by Balderton Capital


Historically speaking, most ticketing platform startups took a direct to consumer approach, or have provided turnkey solutions to big event promoters. But in this day and age, most events require a great deal more flexibility, not least because of the pandemic.

Keeping It Green In 2019: How To Organize An Eco-Friendly Event

Impact Hub

While this event provides our changemakers with a chance to exchange insights on the social sector, debate challenges, share opportunities and identify trends across their markets and communities, it also presents an opportunity for innovators to simply connect: to build trust, share goals and form friendships. We embed eco-friendly approaches into every event we organize, and this year’s Global Gathering is no different. The Global Gathering.

What We Learned Converting an Office into an Event and Pop-up Space

Entrepreneur's Handbook

An eight-month adventure involving big brands, angry plumbers, and a global pandemic. Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». entrepreneurship business startup creativity london

How To Host Online Events. 15 Tools to Consider.

Smart Hustle Magazine

Beyond just a casual video conference with friends or business colleagues you can also use LIVE video to host online events and keep in touch with your customers and more. Successful Host Online Events. I've hosted what seems like hundreds of online video events.

The Top Coworking Events in 2018


Combine some of them with exciting coworking events, extend your trip and turn them into a coworkation! However, there are two things all those events have in common. Here is a brief summary of the events scheduled so far this year Have you already planned your vacations for this year? From vibrant New York City, the breezy Hanseatic cities Bremen or Gdansk, to the tropical climate in Georgetown, Malaysia.

Tips for Hosting a Virtual Event in the Age of Social Distancing


While hosting events on Facebook and Instagram isn’t an original concept, it does take a little bit of planning and organization to ensure your gathering delivers value to attendees and your brand is presented in the best light. Share the event details.

Five Reasons You Should Attend ICBI34


Blog Ecosystem News Featured InBIA News InBIA Education and Research InBIA Events InBIA News Member News UncategorizedThe post Five Reasons You Should Attend ICBI34 appeared first on InBIA.

Join a conversation and AMA with Run The World on virtual events now and post COVID


Join TechCrunch for its first 2021 installment of the Ask Me Anything series, where TechCrunch interviews experts and answers your burning questions about virtual events. Run The World is a one-stop shop virtual events platform with a focus on community engagement.

What are the best New York City events to attend to meet VC’s and Angel investors?


Although there are many, many excellent events each week in New York that it would make sense for a startup entrepreneur to attend (see Gary’s Guide, Startup Digest, or This Week in NY Innovation), the truth is that (a) VCs and serious investors don’t go to most of them, and (b) the odds are slim that even if you and the investor were at the same event, you will have the opportunity or time to do more than say hello. This is a somewhat tricky question.

Next Media Accelerator on How Hamburg Helps Startups Gain Momentum


Events accelerators events momentum MomentumTour2019Hamburg is Germany’s second-largest city with 1.8 million people and a metro region of about three million. The city is, of course, known for its seaport, the third-largest in Europe. It’s also among the top three locations for the aviation industry in the world.

Invite to PEVCTech June 17 Event: Private Markets Syndication Solutions

David Teten - VC

The post Invite to PEVCTech June 17 Event: Private Markets Syndication Solutions appeared first on David Teten. I hope you’ll join fellow members of for an informal discussion around: – Co-investing with family offices and private equity investors in proprietary, direct deals. – The technology stack which makes the deal process efficient and scaleable, without sacrificing the value of relationships.

Jared Leto, Scooter Braun and Troy Carter are backing Moment House, a startup recreating live events… digitally


A pitch to offer artists a way to give geo-fenced, live events to fans around the world has brought the new Los Angeles startup Moment House $1.5 The company touts itself as the simplest way for artists to create online events for their fans. Other ticketed events from Kygo, blackbear, Kaytranada, Denzel Curry and Ruel will follow, the company said.

Funding Friday: Current Events Crossword Puzzles

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I backed this project for the Gotham Gal because she is a crossword fiend


The Angel Capital Association's Response to Current Events

Angel Capital Association

By: Pat Gouhin, Chief Executive Officer We are deeply saddened and disturbed by the senseless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many others. The Angel Capital Association stands for social justice, equal opportunity, and social mobility through the power of entrepreneurship. We have no place for racism. Although diversity is one of our core values, unlike our gender diversity initiatives, we have not done enough to address racial inequities.