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A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

My friend and former colleague Charlie O’Donnell created a new kind of networking event for the moment we are in. These are virtual networking events designed to “include diverse perspectives in the innovation community.”

How to Get a VC's Attention at an IRL Event

This is going to be BIG.

The best impression you can make is to be empathetic enough to realize that you’re not the only person at this event and that if you stand in front of a VC trying to get all of their attention, you’re literally standing in front of others.


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Event Driven Growth

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I’ve seen event driven growth spurts over the years. Each situation is different but a framework I like is to take your pre-event baseline, your event driven peak, and assume you will give up half of the delta when things return to normal and that will be your new baseline. That has been true of almost every event driven growth spurt I have seen in my career. I realize that most businesses are suffering greatly in this pandemic. Many have been shut completely.

2022 Major Coworking Events


The following coworking events are places where you can have unexpected learning experiences, make new friends and hug your old ones. . At physical conferences, people can interact and learn with all their senses and are not chained to small screens with their ears and eyes.

Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

In recent years, cold calling has become synonymous with rejection and failure. But the numbers aren't that clear; while less than 2% of today’s cold calls actually result in meetings, 78% of decision-makers have taken an appointment or attended an event as a result of a cold call. What’s the verdict?

Experiences Over Events


Your most recent event just wrapped. The post Experiences Over Events appeared first on GCUC Community. Amenity Coworking Community Coworking Events membership Events experiencesLet me guess… you are disappointed in the turnout and participation?

Ramon to Share Tips on Making Your Business More Accessible at Google Event

Smart Hustle Magazine

Ramon Ray will speak on how to make your business more accessible at an upcoming Google event scheduled to go live on January 18, 2022. Click here to register for the event. Online Events Business Accessibility

Challenging Gender Bias in Entrepreneurship: A YLAI Alumni Advisory Board Virtual Event

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

The YLAI Alumni Advisory Board is excited to invite you to an upcoming virtual event entitled “ Challenging Gender Bias in Entrepreneurship “, presented in honor of YLAI4All and International Women’s Day.

How to Use Social Media In Your Event Marketing Strategy

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Even so, if you’re planning a professional event and your success depends on people showing up, you’ll want to implement a marketing strategy to ensure its success. Social media platforms are great tools for generating buzz around your event.

How to Plan Successful In-Person Events in a Post-Pandemic Landscape


As vaccines roll out and restrictions ease, in-person events are slowly returning: A recent PULSE Survey notes that 81% of survey responders plan on holding in-person events in 2021. Throughout 2021, smaller in-person event gatherings are likely to be the norm.

How To Organize and Market Your First Event. 4 Experts Weigh In.

Smart Hustle Magazine

Events marketing and hosting are powerful ways to build your brand and generate revenue for your business. The event could be small, with 10 people and a box of pizza. It could be a big event with 500 people in a conference room and event staff. Marketing event marketing

Goldcast spotlights which event attendees will be your next customer


Investor attention is focused on event companies lately, especially as pandemic restrictions ease around the world and events become in-person again. It’s not just a matter of going to events anymore, but of helping attendees get the most out of their time and money.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

The post THE TECHCELERATOR@STATE COLLEGE ANNOUNCES WINNERS OF PITCH EVENT! Recently, eight entrepreneurial teams completed a ten-week, virtual, business startup boot camp.

Remote work and events startup twine acquires YC-backed Glimpse to launch on Zoom


Twine , a company that provides networking tools for virtual events and remote teams, will soon bring its services to Zoom thanks to its just-closed acquisition of the Y Combinator-backed startup, Glimpse, which had developed a “speed matching” platform designed for virtual events.

LiveControl raises $30M to help venues livestream events


One thing seems certain: The past year-and-a-half has fundamentally transformed the world of live events. On the flip side, it’s been a massive driver for those companies working to expand the reach of in-person events. These best practices maximize the value of your online events.

Event marketing is a ‘team sport,’ and Vendelux is coaching companies to find the best ROI


When you go to events, conferences and trade shows and it works out well in terms of driving tons of leads and opportunities, it is a good experience. However, when the events don’t work out so well, that can be risky in terms of wasting time and money.

Online events platform Delegate Connect gets $10M AUD led by AirTree


Delegate Connect is the latest virtual/hybrid events platform to land funding. The capital will be used to build Delegate Connect’s teams in Melbourne, London and Norway, which enable it to handle events around the world, increasing headcount from 45 to more than 100 by December.

Communication software startup Channels takes on event management with text workflow


a communication software tailored for physical workers, and already racking up some big customers in the event management industry. Siddharth Kaul , 18, Elan Rosen , 20, and Ibrahim Mohammed, 20, started the company after finding some common ground in retail and events.

SaaS 103

Hong Kong’s offline and virtual events platform EventX closes $18M Series B


But the virtual event space continues to attract investors, at least in Asia. Hong Kong-based events management platform EventX said today it has raised another $8 million for its Series B, lifting the total amount secured for this round to $18 million.

The Unforeseen Benefits of Online Events

Tomasz Tunguz

In this era, virtual events have replaced IRL events. Virtual events have many obvious benefits. No hotels, no event venues, no catering, no ensuring guests are in the right city at the right time. Many of our portfolio companies have experimented with virtual events quite successfully. An IRL event of 50, when transitioned online, will swell to 250-500 registrants. Of course, virtual events have trade-offs.

Pivoting from offline into virtual events for enterprises nets Tame a $5.5M seed round


In March 2020, Tame had a digital event suite for offline corporate events. But with the pandemic hitting, it did a hard pivot into providing a highly customizable virtual events platform, primarily used by companies for their sales events.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

You won’t want to miss this exciting, virtual event. The post THE TECHCELERATOR@STATE COLLEGE IS HOSTING A VIRTUAL PITCH EVENT! appeared first on BFTP/CNP. S even local entrepreneurial teams are in the process of completing a ten-week, virtual, business startup boot camp.

The 2019 Top Coworking Events


Not sure what coworking industry events you would like to attend in 2019? All of those events offer a great opportunity to network and many ways to gain your knowledge. Learn from failures or get inspired by success stories and enjoy the Indian cuisine in Goa. Discover the latest market trends in Denver's old opera house and explore the surrounding Rocky Mountains. Study how coworking spaces are financed and become sustainable in Gdansk or Alicante and widen your horizon at the sea.

Watch the latest TechCrunch Live event on building a better mobility fintech startup


This TechCrunch Live event was the first in our month dedicated to mobility startups — and that includes TechCrunch’s Session: Mobility event this month.

Apply to pitch your startup at the TechCrunch Live Columbus event!


This extended event is designed to highlight the growing startup ecosystem emerging from America’s midwest. Register for the virtual event here , and apply for the pitch-off here. Events Startups TC City Spotlight Columbus TechCrunch LiveTechCrunch Live is taking a trip.

Introvoke raises $2.7M to power online events that can be embedded anywhere


While there’s been plenty of attention and money lavished on virtual event platforms over the past year, Introvoke co-founder and CEO Oana Manolache predicted that we’re only at the beginning of a “third wave of digital transformation.”

2020 Top Coworking Industry Events


São Paulo, Bali, Seattle, Erfurt or Vienna. those are the locations of the next large coworking gatherings. Mark the dates in your calendar

Prices increase tonight for our space-focused event, TC Sessions: Space


Find this and all the panel discussions, interviews, fireside chats and interactive Q&As listed in the event agenda. Bonus exposure: all exhibiting space startups get pitch live to attendees during the event. Events Space Startups TC Sessions Space 2020

2020 Top Coworking Industry Events


This article is contiously updated including postponed conferences, starting with the next event. Cancelled and past events can be found at the article's end. São Paulo, Bali, Seattle, Erfurt, Basel, London or Vienna.

Virtual Incubation and Acceleration Services: What Really Works?


Ecosystem News InBIA EventsThe post Virtual Incubation and Acceleration Services: What Really Works? appeared first on InBIA.

8 Steps to Building a Plan for Your First Customer Event

Smart Hustle Magazine

If you are working on your first event for your customers, you need a plan. That’s true for any kind of event, from a festival to a fundraiser to a funhouse. Writing an event plan might sound like a major project, and it kind of is. That’s because it’s the best way to prove your event is a valuable investment to potential partners, sponsors, and other stakeholders. Step #1: Craft your event mission statement. Step #4: Tell a vivid story about your event.

Current Events and Math

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

If I was teaching math right now, I would be using these events to teach complicated math concepts to my students. Watching the election returns last night made me think about all of the math we are learning in the last year. Now that our elections include different kinds of votes that have different demographics associated with them (mail-in votes, early votes, same-day votes), the absolute numbers move all around as the votes are being counted and reported.

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[Bizzabo in PR Newswire] Bizzabo Redefines Event Planning Playbooks with New Global Event Center of Excellence


NEW YORK, April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bizzabo, the Event Experience Operating System (OS), has launched its Global Event Center of Excellence, a dedicated division to provide event expertise, education and resources to Event Experience Leaders.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

The post CONGRATULATIONS TO CONTROL LTD – THE LATEST WINNER OF BEN FRANKLIN’S PITCH EVENT! appeared first on BFTP/CNP. . Eight entrepreneurial teams just completed a ten-week, virtual, business startup boot camp. This exciting program has been offered by Ben Franklin’s Tech Celerator @State College, in partnership with the Invent Penn State initiative, for ten years.

Quick Takes on the Inc. iConic Event in Seattle

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Magazine, and we were grateful to have been generously extended access to their Iconic series of events this year. I attended this week’s event in Seattle as a Marketing Director from a non-profit organization helping entrepreneurs become their best selves.

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How to attend today’s TechCrunch (virtual) event in Columbus, Ohio


TechCrunch Live is hosting a special, extended event today, and we hope you can join us. It’s free, it’s (mostly) live and the event features some of the best startups, business leaders and investors from the great state of Ohio. The event streams live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter Spaces, but if you register for Hopin, you can chat with other participants, and participate directly in the event.

Cisco to acquire Indy startup Socio to bring hybrid events to Webex


Cisco announced this morning that it intends to acquire Indianapolis-based startup Socio , which helps plan hybrid in-person and virtual events. Socio provides a missing hybrid event management component for the company to add to its Webex platform.