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How High Rents Hinder Startup Activity


Three Tools to Help Solve the Crisis of Workforce Housing The scientist Richard Hamming liked to ask friends and colleagues what they believed was the most interesting question in their field, and why they weren’t working on it. It’s a great question worth considering.

Why You Don't Get Real Feedback from VCs--and a Solution

This is going to be BIG.

If there’s any one thing I’ve focused on in my VC career, it’s trying to give real, actionable feedback to founders. I’ve made a bet that if a founder pitches me, whether or not I fund them, if I make the process worthwhile by telling them exactly why I couldn’t get there, they’re likely to recommend that other founders do the same.

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Simple ways to fight corruption

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

Every year, more than $3 trillion is paid in bribes or is stolen by corrupt officials. If that doesn’t affect you, it may affect someone you know. What is corruption? Corruption is the abuse of office for personal gain, and it takes many forms.

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A Simple Conversation Can Improve Employee Performance

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Connecting and helping others is a critical step in growing as leaders, entrepreneurs and people. Investing in your employees also happens to be a great way to invest in your business.

What's Your Point? Or How to Run a Great Board Meeting

The Seraf Compass

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’ve probably read some of our other articles about what every early stage company board director should know. In this post we’ve outlined not only the attributes of a great board meeting vs. a poor one, but also some learning and best practices

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Supporting Entrepreneurs Wherever They Are, Including Prison


Defy Colorado is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals with criminal histories — who they call Entrepreneurs in Training — create legal business ventures outside of prison.

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The Curse That Causes Promotions to Fail

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Written for EO by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, disaster avoidance expert , speaker and author. . It’s tragically common for people in organizations to be promoted up the hierarchy to their “level of incompetence,” a concept in management known as the Peter Principle.


A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

It is tempting to search for the one magic move that will make everything better. A new VP of Sales. A new database layer in your tech stack. A new brand for your company. Moving everything to the cloud. More capital in the business. But it is rarely one thing that a business needs to succeed. It is often a little bit of everything. Back in the early days of Twitter, we could not keep the website and API up.

Will WeWork finally put our image of a "backable" founder to rest?

This is going to be BIG.

There’s one thing that no one can ever take away from Adam Neumann—he was world class at fundraising. His ability to tell a story and gain investor confidence was unmatched relative to the underlying progress of the company. He exuded confidence told people he was going to change the world.

A GAN Startup Holiday Gift Buying Guide


Over the next few weeks, you’ll be trying to hunt down the perfect gift for everyone you adore. And, while you could easily just shop online at the biggest company on the planet, wouldn’t it be even better if all of your purchases came from companies you could name—companies that will use the revenue they make from your purchase to buy from other startups or to funnel back into their local communities? Plus, don’t you want to buy something unique? I thought so.

Free money for your impact tech startup

David Teten - VC

Congratulations! You’ve decided to launch a technology-enabled startup with a positive social impact! Nearly every major Silicon Valley venture-capital firm has now invested in a B Corp ; maybe you will be one of them! Now the bad news: some venture capitallists have a bias against startups with an explicit positive social impact, on the grounds that they have a smaller addressable market, and that the founders are not sufficiently focused on creating shareholder wealth.

Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

Crunchbase has a story up today explaining that Series A and Series B rounds make up between 25% and 35% of all $100mm+ “supergiant” rounds every year. That’s interesting but what would be more interesting is to compare the cohort of companies raising Series A and Series B supergiant rounds to the rest of the companies in a given year that raised Series A and Series B rounds. What would interest me are success rates between the two cohorts.

Penn State Startup, RealForests, Took Home Some Real Cash!

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

. STATE COLLEGE, PA – Have you ever wondered what it would take to run your own startup?

I Don't Like How I Look. How Can I Use Video in my Business?

Smart Hustle Magazine

A question I'm often asked is, "how can I use video in my business if I don't like how I look". At today's Small Business Administration (SBA) New York City Social Media Workshop, which Ramon Ray keynoted, he was asked this question by an attendee.

VCs eating our own dog food: Using technology and analytics to make better investments

David Teten - VC

(To see the video above, please click the image, and then click on the Play button.). Private equity and venture capital investors are copying our sisters in the hedge fund world: we’re trying to automate more of our job. . When I was single, I registered for (a lot of) dating websites. When I met my now-wife, I realized that any technology that can find me a spouse is a killer app. That’s why 40 million Americans use online dating sites.

integrating the customer discovery process into prototyping: q&a with Jin Montclare from New York University

Venture Well

This month’s faculty spotlight is Jin Montclare, Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in the Tardon School of Engineering at NYU. The post integrating the customer discovery process into prototyping: q&a with Jin Montclare from New York University appeared first on VentureWell. Faculty inclusive entrepreneurship teaching resources

‘Thank you’ to all the innovators & entrepreneurs whose accomplishments further Oklahoma’s story

Innovation 2 Enterprise

By Scott Meacham. In this Thanksgiving week, I am reminded of all that we here in Oklahoma have to be grateful for—our friends, neighbors, and co-workers; the natural resources and beauty of our state, and, especially, the tenacity and creativity that is such a driver of entrepreneurship and new company and new job creation. If I sound partial, as well as thankful, that’s because I am. I love Oklahoma. I was born in Oklahoma City, grew up in Clinton and Chickasha and educated at OU.

Gender Discrimination Causes Women To Start their Own Business

Smart Hustle Magazine

This is a new angle for sure. Who would have thought that one of the results of increases in gender discrimination over the years and more so increase in its awareness, causes more and more women to start their own businesses.

Product Launches Become the Operating Cadence of a Startup

Tomasz Tunguz

In November, two spectacles occurred. The first is Dreamforce, Salesforce's annual event and the largest software conference in the world. The second is Elon Musk announcing the Tesla Cybertruck. Benioff and Musk use these events strategically. They engender an operational cadence to Salesforce and Tesla. There's no feeling like launch day. It's the day you reveal to the world the sumtotal of your team's efforts for weeks or months.

CISOs to Cyber Startups: Stop Making These 4 Sales Mistakes!

Dream It

In this episode… 14:20 How CISOs interact with startups 15:50 How to get your startup noticed by CISOs 20:00 What are the "must haves" for starting a pilot with Penn Medicine? 25:30 Importance of partnering with the corporate 32:00 Do health systems pay for pilots or POCs?

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Video Of The Week: Crypto Singularity

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

This is a talk that Muneeb Ali , co-founder and CEO of our portfolio company Blockstack , gave at their “Can’t Be Evil” summit last month in the bay area

The Business Phone Call is [Still] Important

Smart Hustle Magazine

Connecting to customers now happens primarily on social media and online, through email and chats. Many times a customer issue can be solved in one of these formats, but sometimes, a good old fashioned phone call is needed. Do your employees know how to talk to customers on the phone?

What's the best time of the year to raise venture capital?

This is going to be BIG.

A lot is made of the best practices around raising capital—but I think a lot of the advice is a bit too clever. First off, most of it is parroted by people who never raised any money. They’ll come up with a lot of reasons why raises didn’t happen, like “The round fell apart because it was too close to the holidays.” No one ever says, “My idea wasn’t good enough and that’s why we didn’t raise.”

Perfecting the holiday party


Its that time of year – tis the season. We’d be willing to bet you are in one of two camps. You have been preparing for your holiday soiree for weeks and are SO READY for the festivities.

Here Are Five Ways to Make Your Organizational Chart More Useful

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Most organizational charts end up taped to break room walls and forgotten. Bruce Eckfeldt shares how to make yours a valuable tool for everyone in your company. Every employee manual I’ve seen contains an org chart that shows who is in charge and who reports to whom.

Beyond Marketing. Create Experiences Customers Remember

Smart Hustle Magazine

Photo courtesy of : Jakub Mosur Photography. Every business must have a marketing strategy in order to get customers and build a brand. However, creating experiences customers remember goes beyond marketing.

Nuclear Power and the Climate Crisis (Introduction)


People who want to fight the climate crisis tend to agree on a lot of things, but nuclear power turns out to be a highly divisive issue. In this series of posts I will use nuclear power to refer to fission – I will write separately about the prospects for fusion. There are several reasons given by people who object to nuclear power, including high cost, risk of accidents and concerns about storage/usage of radioactive materials.

Edition #17: John Williams


Here at GCUC we are immensely fortunate to cross paths and work with so many amazing people. Through our work, we’ve cultivated a global community of people we think you should know about. Community of Cultivators is a blog series we created to introduce you to coworking game changers and connectors.

Matt Cutts on the US Digital Service and Working at Google for 17 Years

Y Combinator

Matt Cutts is the Administrator of the US Digital Service and previously he was the head of the webspam team at Google. You can find him on Twitter at @mattcutts. Topics. 00:00 – Intro. 00:18 – Working at Google in 2000. 2:30 – Did Google’s success feel certain? 3:35 – Building self-service ads. 7:05 – The evil unicorn problem. 8:05 – Lawsuits around search. 10:30 – Content moderation and spam.

David Neagle: The Keys to Success are Mindset and a Mentor

Smart Hustle Magazine

David Neagle shares with Ramon Ray that as a young adult without even complete high school education, who was married with a few children, he realized that he had “created a situation where [he] had way more responsibility than the ability to fulfill that responsibility.”

Digital Money

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I was listening to this podcast on the treadmill this morning. It is a conversation between Peter McCormack and Andreas Antonopoulos about Bitcoin, Privacy, Freedom, and a lot more. At one point Andreas says that we have digital money already, but it is largely debits and credits on ledgers in banks and other financial services companies.