Fri.Jan 14, 2022

7 EO members explore the impact of core values

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Contributed by Kym Huynh, an EO Melbourne member, EO Global Communications Committee member, and co-founder of WeTeachMe. Kym is fascinated by entrepreneurs and their journeys, so he asked EO members from various chapters to share their experiences.

LG and the hunt for the next-gen corporate incubator


Whatever you do, don’t refer to LG’s incubator program LG Nova as a corporate venture capital (CVC) outfit.


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The Ultimate Guide to Content Mapping

Wesley Cherisien

Companies worldwide are increasing their content mapping efforts to improve their ranks and answer their target audiences’ queries. The tides are shifting for marketing companies. Nowadays, Marketing doesn’t operate without an objective when the user is in charge.

Fintech and insurtech innovation in Brazil set to take off on regulatory tailwinds


Brazilian instant payment system Pix ended 2021 having powered more than 8 billion transactions, according to statistics from the country’s Central Bank.

The 5 Stages of Account-Based Marketing — and How to Win Them All

Successfully complete the five stages of ABM: define, identify, engage, convert, and connect. We’ll show you how to create a unified system with your sales team to help them land more qualified opportunities and connect with prospects like never before.

The 10 Tools That Turn My ADHD Into an Entrepreneurial Superpower

Entrepreneur's Handbook

How I beat back the demons of distraction Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». productivity startup entrepreneurship mental-health personal-development

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A Fight With My Business Partner Exposed Her Major Flaw?—?And It Has Nothing to Do With Credentials

Entrepreneur's Handbook

There’s one type of partner no entrepreneur has time for and another you desperately need. Which one are you? Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». entrepreneurship work business startup startup-lessons

LG reveals the first shortlisted startups for its LG Nova incubator


Korean technology giant LG makes everything from televisions ( they announced some new ones at CES ), washing machines and fridges, to, well, it’ll probably take less time to list the things they don’t get involved in.

Virtual Team: Meaning, Elements, Types & Examples


The word virtual means ‘not physically existing,’ and team means. Read more. Management Essentials


Shell-founded startup fund receives $13 million from Canadian DFI to accelerate clean energy access in Africa


FinDev Canada has injected $13 million into Energy Entrepreneurs Growth Fund ( EEGF ), which invests in early and growth-stage energy startups in sub-Saharan Africa. Part of the funding will go toward increasing access to clean energy for off-grid households and businesses in the region.

The Ultimate Guide to Executive Recruiting

Sourcing the right executive candidates and filling key managerial roles in an organization can be difficult, even in the best of times. Download this eBook to level up your discovery process, talent sourcing, and strategies for reaching your best-fit candidates.

Enjoy the Best of Uber for Your Business Without Hurting Your Bottom Line


Simplify business travel for your employees, your clients, and yourself. With just a tap, your team can request a ride in over 70 countries around the world. We make it easy to set permissions and track spending. Ordering meals for delivery on Uber Eats?


Singapore-based Sesto Robotics targets international expansion with $5.7M raise


Singapore-based industrial robotics firm Sesto this week announced a $5.7 million raise, featuring TRIVE, WTI GmbH and SEEDS Capital (Enterprise Singapore’s VC wing). The round follows a similarly sized $4 million Series A, back in 2018.

WJR Business Beat: America’s Best Companies To Work For in 2022 (Episode 346)


On today’s episode of the Business Beat, Jeff suggests using Glassdoor’s list of the Best Places to Work in 2022 as inspiration as you go about hiring or looking for work during the Great Resignation.

Daasity investing $15M in data so consumer brands can do more with it


Daasity , an e-commerce analytics and data company, secured $15 million in Series A funding as it continues developing its approach to helping consumer brands better leverage their customer data to make smarter decisions.

12 Plays to Kickstart Your Recruitment Process

To stay ahead in this race, every recruiter needs a good playbook. In this eBook, we lay out 12 recruiting plays that can automate key steps in your recruitment process, helping you reduce both the cost and the time it takes to hire the best candidates.

[Remilk in FoodNavigator] ‘Real dairy, no cows’: Remilk scales up animal-free dairy production


Fresh off of closing a $120m Series B funding round, Remilk is scaling the production and availability of its dairy-identical milk protein (minus the cows) while engaging with high-profile CPG brands looking to develop alternatives to conventional dairy products. Read more here.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Allocating equity, unicorn traffic jam, blockchain gaming survey


Early-stage startup founders have just a few ways to recruit and retain employees: Offer a competitive salary. Create a role that harnesses their interests/talent. Give them a stake in the company. In most cases, equity will not leave employees with substantial wealth.

Daily Crunch: One-click checkout company Bolt ushered into decacorn territory on $355M Series E


To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PST, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for January 14, 2022!

The friends with benefits of the financial world


Hello and welcome back to Equity , a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Friday episode, a run-down of key news headlines, startup funding rounds and whatever else is popping in the worlds of startups and tech.

SaaS 84

State of MENA Startups 2019, Report

MAGNiTT and 500 Startups jointly launch first 'State of MENA Startups 2019" report. Survey findings reveal insights on trends in fundraising exercise, exit opportunities, hiring, and growth optimization.

NFT volume, DAOs and the curious case of LooksRare


Like you, I check NFT marketplace volume a few times each day to keep tabs on the burgeoning market for buying and selling digital signatures on various blockchains that point to images and the like. We’re very cool. Mostly, the data is steady.

Lawtrades aims to change how your company utilizes legal resources


Similar to other industries embracing contract work, Lawtrades is giving legal professionals a way to become independent and run their own virtual law practices.