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What the CHIPS Act Has in Store for Entrepreneurs Across the Country


“As a business owner, I want to give Americans more than just a job; I want to give them an opportunity to lead our economy’s transition to clean, electrified transportation.” CHIPS will help close the gap, bringing real money, leadership, and opportunity to bear in tech hubs between the coasts, many of which are on the cusp of taking off.

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Continued investment needed for economic growth

Innovation 2 Enterprise

In today’s world, a state’s economic growth demands investment in innovation and high-tech industries — especially for a natural resource-rich state like ours that must leverage our existing resource base to diversify our economy for the future. It’s a straightforward proposition. Let me start in the middle.


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Celebrating 2022 Accomplishments and Looking Ahead to New Opportunities

Angel Capital Association

ACA members and groups enjoy unprecedented education and networking opportunities, brought to them by the trusted authority in angel investing. 2023 promises to be another exciting year, with new educational opportunities, additional networking and community building events. Take advantage of ACA’s many opportunities to get involved.

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NSF Regional Innovation Engines Development Awards announced by NSF

American Entrepreneurship

$43 million invested to foster regional collaboration to support the economic growth of communities through innovation Universities, nonprofits, businesses and other organizations across the U.S. “These awardees are part of the fabric of NSF’s vision to create opportunities everywhere and enable innovation anywhere.

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3 new ways to empower your entrepreneurial community

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Racial wealth disparity is a major barrier to thriving communities and economic growth. Creating inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems can help close the wealth gap , as entrepreneurship offers one of the greatest opportunities for personal wealth building. Make your ecosystem inclusive. Make your ecosystem adaptable.

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Japan to Update Startup Visa Policy, Supports Foreign Talent


The initiative includes expanding visa opportunities and proposing tax system revisions concerning stock options to attract and retain highly skilled professionals. According to the report , the Ministry of Economy recently introduced guidelines outlining support measures to strengthen startups in Japan.

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Rural Colorado Entrepreneurial Opportunities Increase With Access To New Capital

American Entrepreneurship

Over 59% of all counties in America are in a state of economic decline, and over 50% of all economic growth in The US since the 2008 recession has been isolated to just 20 out of 3,007 ounties. GCVF has shown that opportunity exists in rural markets to drive competitive returns for venture capital investors.

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