Remodeling English language education in Costa Rica

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

One inspiring teacher forever changed the way that Alex viewed education, and he received a scholarship to continue taking courses on teaching English. Encouraging a shift in education. By luck when he was young, Alex Solano took an English language course that would change his life.

From Zero to Tech: Growing Startup Culture in Bhutan


What role does startup culture play in a country that measures success via Gross National Happiness rather than Gross Domestic Product? . This is the remarkable story of a country building a startup culture from the ground up. Our Kings decided to give us free education and healthcare and to focus on Gross National Happiness. Growing startup culture across the nation?


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Pittsburgh: A City Fueled By a Culture of Innovation and Community


Pittsburgh Has a Culture of Innovation. Then, throughout the 1900s, Pittsburgh led innovation around education, creating and building upon institutions like Carnegie Melon and the University of Pittsburgh, two top-ranked schools in various industries. On stage, we heard over and over again about the city’s culture of innovation. The post Pittsburgh: A City Fueled By a Culture of Innovation and Community appeared first on GAN.

VC Corner: Marlon Nichols, Cross Culture VC

Startup Grind

Introduction : Marlon Nichols is a founding managing partner at Cross Culture Ventures (CCV), where he leads CCV in identifying game-changing entrepreneurs who are creating next-generation companies.Marlon draws from his unique professional background to drive CCV’s focus on using global trends and shifts in consumer behavior to capture high-potential investments. We started to invest out of our inaugural fund, Cross Culture Ventures I in April 2015.

Does a VCs Culture Really Matter? The Upfront Story

Both Sides of the Table

” We won’t be the right cultural fit for every entrepreneur but if we’re truly WYSIWYG then it helps entrepreneurs decide if we’re aligned. We wanted to be able to have regular educational meetings, breakfast gatherings, seminars or even just cocktail parties. And helping be our cultural ambassador. I’m often asked about the differences between being at a VC and being an entrepreneur and whether I prefer one or the other.

Why “The Culture of Failure” is Imperative to Startup Communities

Both Sides of the Table

After a recent discussion I had with Steve Blank it made me remember that I had left off one of the most critical factors – a culture of failure. At this time I can tell you that the Brits definitely didn’t have a culture of failure. 11:00 How do you think the ‘failure’ culture emerged in Silicon Valley? 14:00 How can we bring that culture to other places? 50:30 Will Udacity change the education system in this country?

Working in Corporate Provided the Education She Needed to Become an Entrepreneur

Smart Hustle Magazine

Nubian Hueman is a catalyst for culture, community, and the development of the creative economy by connecting the consumer to independent artists from across the world. SmartHustle Podcast with Ramon Ray · Working in Corporate Provided the Education She Needed to Become an Entrepreneur.

Why Educating Startup Employees About Equity Is As Important As Giving It

Hyde Park Angels

Her perception of what it means for a startup to be acquired—which could have been a lucrative experience for her—is one of the most painful parts of an acquisition: merging two different companies’ cultures, adapting to more bureaucratic corporate policies and processes, and then experiencing the pain of layoffs. The post Why Educating Startup Employees About Equity Is As Important As Giving It appeared first on HPA.

The Intense Power of a Strong Company Culture

Tomasz Tunguz

Redpoint partnered with 2U at the Series A, and they are now a $2B publicly traded education company that powers online degree programs for Georgetown, USC, Syracuse, Berkeley, and Yale, among others. It was an inspirational moment for me because I observed the intense power of developing strong company culture. As a few of the executives shared with me, culture is a key part of the company and this annual meeting is a key part of that strategy. Culture is managing at scale.

Can a culture of entrepreneurship be created?

Carol Lauffer

Can you really create a culture of entrepreneurship, or must it occur organically? Here in Silicon Valley the culture of entrepreneurship permeates just about everything. I have witnessed numerous communities that are actively fostering a culture of entrepreneurship. Culture helps to create fertile ground for the startup of new businesses. Remember that creating a culture of entrepreneurship is a long-term strategy, and economic developers CAN have an impact

Honest cultures in startups

Tomasz Tunguz

This morning NPR profiled an education researcher comparing and contrasting the way different cultures approach intelligence and learning in schools. Though the debate about education methodologies is fascinating, I found the one of the stories in the report reminded me of the importance of transparent cultures in startups. In 1979, Jim Stigler, a researcher from UMich went to study education in Japan.

Honest cultures in startups

Tomasz Tunguz

This morning NPR profiled an education researcher comparing and contrasting the way different cultures approach intelligence and learning in schools. Though the debate about education methodologies is fascinating, I found the one of the stories in the report reminded me of the importance of transparent cultures in startups. In 1979, Jim Stigler, a researcher from UMich went to study education in Japan.

Top Detroit Startups and Tech Companies to Watch in 2021


Their culture is flexible and collaborative, making it a top Detroit startup to work at, and they’re constantly innovating and helping small businesses find the banking tools they need. Their culture of growth, teamwork and opportunity is at the heart of everything they do.

An Introduction to Happiness


Meaning, 43% said that more success would make them happier, 23% said that more education would make them happier, and so on. Company Culture The Future of Work The Industry company culture generation z happiness happy mental health productivity unhappiness

Top Ann Arbor Startups and Tech Companies to Watch in 2021


Duo has a culture centered around inclusion and belonging. The year 2020 threw online education into the spotlight, but this Ann Arbor tech company has known the value of it since it was founded in 2017. Ann Arbor is perfectly positioned to be one of the best cities for tech jobs.

A Must Read Book for the Educated Class

Both Sides of the Table

grew in a single-parent (often zero parent) lower-income home in Middletown, Ohio and spent much of his youth also in his family’s cultural home of Jackson, Kentucky. Mamaw isn’t educated and, in fact, scorns “elites” but knows that if J.D. Photo credit: ggpurk via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC A Must Read Book for the Educated Class was originally published in Both Sides of the Table on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

13 investors say lifelong learning is taking edtech mainstream


Given the sudden extinction of snow days and yeast shortages brought on by student bakers in the early days of the pandemic, it’s easy to see how remote education extends beyond traditional school hours. Id argue that education still lags average tech.

In Solidarity, We Continue to Learn


We will continue to educate ourselves on how to make the most positive impact we can. Resources I’ve Found Educational & Helpful This Week: Seventy-five things we can do for racial justice. The Industry anti-racist black lives culture funding minority

Defending your organization from misinformation with neuroscience

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Moreover, the more educated we are, the more likely we are to engage in such active rejection. Best Practices BUSINESS GROWTH Company Culture LEADERSHIP Gleb Tsipursky misinformation neuroscienceContributed by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky , disaster avoidance expert, speaker and author. .

How Startup Leaders Can Choose to Challenge the Status Quo, Build an Equitable Future


Today is International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. If you haven’t reached the stage of hiring your first employee yet, educate yourself now so you’re ready when the time comes.

Garry Kasparov launches a community-first chess platform


He thinks that remote education during the pandemic has shown the need to have more interactive solutions, beyond buzzy promises. “It’s Instead, he hopes people who come to the platform focus on the culture of chess, its survival and its seemingly timeless power.

The Good News You Need Today

Entrepreneurs' Organization

From webinars with real-time information globally, to amazing educational sessions on leadership, finance, self care, and employment issues—all were at my fingertips.”

African edtech startup uLesson lands a $7.5 million Series A


The startup, which uses SD cards as a low-bandwidth way to deliver content, saw a wave of smart devices enter homes across Africa as students adapted to remote education. Similar to many edtech startups, uLesson has benefited from the overnight adoption of remote education.

A Coronavirus Job Description


You can probably hold off on travel, client meals, continuing education, and conference spending right now. The Industry accelerator ceo company culture coronavirus guide investment job leadership roadmap success supportNow, more than ever, each of us needs to take a realistic look at what we need to do to remain relevant for our team members and customers.

How Startups Can Successfully Turn Their Existing Product into a New Offering


We discovered a newly expanded market for e-learning solutions , and identified the ways in which our own core virtual recruitment technology could fit into remote educational environments.

Accelerators And Seed Deal Flow


all together) combined with the culture of “demo days,” in-person gatherings where angels and professional investors collide with entrepreneurs. And while accelerators can always do more to beef up their education and training (all noble efforts), it is ultimately up to the founder to make connection and to make that sale. Career Culture Technology Venture Capital

The New Economy Starts with Gender Inclusive Programs

Impact Hub

Gender gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education . Social justice, sustainable development, cultural trends, diversity, data privacy and music are the key topics she is passionate about writing. Gender inequality is a global problem.

Startup Community Engagement During Covid

Ecosystem Builder Hub

While many of us have focused on pivoting our in-person convenings to a virtual format, other ecosystem builders are focusing on creating and sharing educational content through various channels. Insights from the Field: Experienced ecosystem builders share their insights and experience.

Language-learning service Babbel adds live classes, games and more


That’s not all, though; Babbel is also introducing language-learning games in its app for the first time, as well as short stories to help learners use their new vocabulary, short snippets of fun facts about various cultures and a new set of videos about different places and languages.

What it takes to ‘grow’ an entrepreneur

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Regardless of the circumstances of their birth, they benefit from exposure to the rest of the world, to beliefs, cultures, and geographies that are as different as possible from their own. There has been a shift in our conversations in education. By Scott Meacham.

Extra Crunch roundup: Edtech VC survey, 5 founder mistakes, fintech liquidity, more


Jomayra Herrera , principal, Cowboy Ventures (a generalist fund with portfolio companies Hone and Guild Education). Jan Lynn-Matern , founder and partner, Emerge Education (a leading edtech seed fund in Europe with portfolio companies like Aula, Unibuddy and BibliU).

As working out goes virtual, Moxie raises $6.3M seed+ round led by Resolute Ventures


So why has Moxie managed to cleave to the new virtual workout culture? ” Recent Funding Startups TC 3m bessemer-ventures CRM drinks Education Future Gokul Rajaram health insurance jason goldberg life insurance moxie online fitness Peloton playbook resolute ventures Uber

Quickly Unpacking Spotify’s Acquisition Of Gimlet Media


Education is one area I think these content players can start adding real value — basically, take the MasterClass model to the long tail of topics. Career Culture Technology Venture CapitalI’ve been traveling all week, digging out of email, and closing two deals and — hence — have been pretty quiet online.

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Startups Are Winning the Remote Work Game. Here’s the Data That Proves It.


Considering stage, sense of innovation, hiring needs and nimble state, startups have the upperhand when adapting to this cultural shift toward flexible work. The report discovered that, "businesses with culturally diverse leadership teams were more likely to develop new products than those with homogeneous leadership.". That’s a cultural poison, and it also doesn’t scale. Building a culture of trust early will be especially impactful as the company scales.

Ethena, which sends bite-sized nudges for compliance training, shifts its focus amid new capital


Petraeus says that Ethena’s monthly cadence gives it flexibility to adopt “modern” scenarios like Slack culture and Zoom etiquette. Education Recent Funding Startups Anne Solmssen edtech Ethena gsv GSV Ventures hr Roxanne PetraeusEthena co-founders Roxanne Petraeus and Anne Solmssen began their company with a clear goal: There needs to be a more modern, and effective, way to deploy anti-harassment training to employees.

How One Woman Is Giving Every Child The Right To Play

Impact Hub

With very few words and a lot of imagery, An Armful of Toys is a very thoughtfully designed play kit that carries no trace of any political, cultural or religious influence. Through the play kit and educational content, the child experiences learning through playing with their mother in collaboration with the social worker and prison psychologist. Age and education level is not the same for everyone.

5 ways to be an ally to marginalized groups

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

They are people who are denied involvement or face limited involvement in social, economic, educational, political and/or cultural life. That means educating yourself on the privileges you enjoy to better understand the perspectives of members of marginalized communities.