Fitness app FitOn raises $40M, acquires corporate wellness platform Peerfit


Digital fitness and wellness company FitOn has raised $40 million in Series C funding led by Delta-v Capital, the company announced on Tuesday. FitOn is also expanding its reach in wellness by acquiring Tampa-based corporate wellness platform Peerfit.

5 Ideas for Implementing a Workplace Wellness Program at Your Company


Anxiety levels have worsened, with COVID-19 proving to be hugely disruptive to corporate wellness. However, it could potentially be beneficial to implement a workplace wellness program with the goal of improving health and wellness, as well as productivity, at your company.


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How you feel about this set of changes will depend on your view of the company, I reckon, but it didn’t poll well on Twitter, at least thus far. FitOn, what TechCrunch calls a “digital fitness and wellness company,” has raised a new round and purchased Peerfit’s “corporate wellness platform.”

PideDirecto bags $5.25M; aims to be ‘Shopify with 30-minute deliveries’


After going their separate ways for a bit, they met up in Mexico and launched a corporate wellness program in 2018 that connected people with restaurants to order lunch or snacks.