5 Things VC Associates Wish Founders Knew Before Their Call

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The venture capital screening call is an important step to get right in due diligence. In this Dreamit Dose, associates Alana Hill and I, Elliot Levy , offer five things we wish founders knew after screening over 1,000 startups in the last year.

Why Investing in Female Founders Matters Now More Than Ever


Long before diversity and inclusion became buzzwords, we decided to make venture capital inclusive from day one at 500 Startups. The post Why Investing in Female Founders Matters Now More Than Ever appeared first on 500 Startups.


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The Globalization Of Venture Capital Investing

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

But until very recently, raising capital for your startup was significantly easier if it was located in the major startup hubs, most notably Silicon Valley. When I look at all of the opportunities we are currently considering plus all of the investments we have made this year to date, what stands out most to me is the location of the founders and teams. And very little of it is in western Europe where most of our non-US investing has been for the last decade.

Six Reasons We Love Investing in Founders in Small Cities


You face a lot of challenges—anything from your commute time, to finding great talent, to landing big investments, to connecting with your target customers (fashion and beauty companies come to mind, for instance). Staying in business in a small city or an emerging market can be truly difficult, so what if you invest in a company that doesn’t make it? When a company raises another round of financing, it comes at a higher valuation than when we invested in it.

Why We Invest in Authentic Founders


When GAN Ventures considers whether to invest in a startup, we look for four primary things: Authentic founders: Founders that know their own strengths and weaknesses and aren’t afraid to ask for help. Passionate founders: Founders that joyfully know more about their market than most people would think is normal to know about anything. Authentic founders communicate what’s going on with themselves.

Our Investment Framework Post-COVID-19


Supply chains have been disrupted, businesses have had to close or operate at limited capacity for months, and even founders have had to expand their fundraising timeframes as we saw in our 2020 Female Founders Data Report.

Cap Table (Capitalization table) and what they mean when investing in startups


When angel investing in startups, it is important to know who the owners in the company are and what they own. This is where capitalization tables, or “cap tables” as they are commonly known, come in. Going back to our hypothetical founder with 3.6m

Women entrepreneurs find success despite lack of access to investment capital

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Despite the growth in women-owned businesses, venture capital is still funneled to mostly male-owned businesses. of venture capital funds went to women-owned businesses in the U.S.

Global Founders Capital leads $9.3M investment into Awning, a real estate brokerage for individual investors


Awning is a startup that aims to make the process less intimidating through a platform designed to allow individuals to invest in single-family rental homes not just in the cities or states in which they live but in other markets remotely as well.

UK report spotlights the huge investment gap facing diverse founders


VC has been invested over the past decade according to race, gender and educational background makes for grim reading — with all-ethnic teams and female entrepreneurs receiving just a fraction of available funding versus all-white teams and male founders.

Four Questions Founders Should Ask Before Joining an Accelerator


Doing so means getting a lot of things right, and one of the most critical is that founders receive the correct support while they’re in-program. Building a community of other founders they can work alongside, who really get what it’s like.

Our Customer Experience Promise to Founders

Founders Coop

Our first reaction to reading Fred’s post was that, by relying on our own experiences and learning over our 10-plus years and 200-plus early-stage investments, we’ve developed a strong shared view of what our customer experience should feel like. Where founders go deep, investors go wide.

How Founders Can Win Media Coverage for Zero Cost

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As leading venture capital investor in tech Eileen Burbidge MBE writes in the foreword to my new book, Exposure : ‘Seeking out media coverage may seem a vanity project. Lightbulb, HARO, ResponseSource), there’s no better time for business founders and leaders to generate their own coverage.

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How Startups Can Navigate the Change in Investment Climate Due to COVID-19


On our end, we hosted our first-ever Digital Demo Day to ensure the safety and protection of our team and founders. Using YouTube Live and recorded presentations, as well as an investor-founder Slack channel, we found success in this new format.

Governments should invest in their diaspora founders


Prabhat Gusain is currently the chief of staff at Caffeinated Capital and was previously an intern with Versatile VC. David Teten is founder of Versatile VC and writes periodically at teten.com and @dteten. 6 career options for ex-founders seeking their next adventure.

Capital is a commodity


Charlie Graham-Brown is the partner and Chief Investments Officer of Seedstars , a Swiss-based group with a mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. Global VCs have invested $268.7 Charlie Graham-Brown. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

Playing the Long Game in Venture Capital

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The culture is driven by the 20-something irreverent founder with huge technical chops who in a “David vs. Goliath” mythology take on the titans of industry and wins. sold to Disney for $670 million and since our first investment was at < $10 million valuation we did quite well.

13 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Best Business Advice

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Ai-Ling Wong—founder at The Decorateur. Alex Louey—founder and managing director at Appscore . Andrea Grisdale—founder and CEO at IC Bellagio. David Fastuca—founder at Ambisie and founder at Locomote. Demi Markogiannaki—founder at WeTeachMe.

Ondo’s decentralized investment bank matches crypto companies with capital providers


Ondo , founded by two alums of Goldman Sachs’ digital assets team, is capitalizing on crypto’s capital markets by building what it calls a “decentralized investment bank.”

Venture capital undermines human rights


The world’s 10 leading venture capital firms have, together, invested over $150 billion in technology startups. There is a startling lack of diversity within the venture capital sector. We all live in a world shaped by venture capital. Michael Kleinman. Contributor.

Google’s Africa Investment Fund makes first investment in Uganda’s SafeBoda


Internet giant Google announced today that it has made the first investment from its Africa Investment Fund in Ugandan super app SafeBoda. Collectively , they have raised over $100 million in venture capital. Google sets up $50M fund to invest in African startups.

The Moments that Define Investor and Founder Relationships

This is going to be BIG.

In almost every single investment I’ve ever made, I can think of a singular moment in my relationship with a founder that, no matter what came before or what might come after, defined our relationship. Often times, it came in a very vulnerable and down moment for the founder—perhaps they just lost out on a big opportunity, had someone from the team leave, or they’re running low on capital before sales have come around.

The Common Denominator Among Our 25 Startup Investments


This past week, I took a look at the 25 investments that GAN Ventures has made so far. But, there’s one thing that really stood out when I looked back over our list of investments to date and it’s the fourth trait we look for when considering companies—. Their founder, Will, is a third-generation “thread master.” Because I believe that passion translates into a lot of good benefits for all of us, including the founder.

Creative capital is the secret sauce, not venture capital


Brett Lovelady is the founder of Astro Studios , now a part of PA Consulting, a design-driven company that empowers designers and strives to capture the value of design in the product, brand, experience and company creation process. So what is creative capital? Why creative capital?

Female founders are making a buzzing, venture-backed comeback


The coronavirus pandemic disproportionately reduced venture capital funding for female founders last year, despite a greater boom in fundraising thanks to megafunds and the advent of Zoom investing. Rising investment in female-founded startups.

Founders Fund backs Vest, a startup out to give Latin Americans a bridge to investing in the US stock market


Latin Americans seeking the ability to invest in companies trading on the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange now have a new option in Vest, a startup that has launched a mobile-first brokerage app with zero-commission trading in the Americas.

Six Reasons Not to Invest in a Venture Capital Fund

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The last thing you want as either a founder or even a VC is to have an investor get stuck with you when you're not on the same page about expectations. So here's all the reasons I told him he shouldn't be in: 1) Fund investing is boring. You trust me with your money and I get to do the fun part--working with founders. More updates, more casual events, more exposure to portfolio companies, co-investing, etc., Being in a fund is not the same thing as angel investing.

WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Venture Capital Investment at Record Numbers in First Half of 2021 (Episode 268)


On today’s Business Beat, Jeff discusses venture capital investment, which was at a record high throughout the first half of 2021 and is experiencing greater gains through all stages in North America, according to Crunchbase. Why the torrid pace of venture investing?

Stronghold launches $100M venture arm to invest in underrepresented founders and fintech


Payments infrastructure company Stronghold has launched a venture capital arm to deploy $100 million of its balance sheet capital in startups and funds in three core strategies — underrepresented founders, fintech, and web3, CEO Tammy Camp told TechCrunch in an interview.

Product-Market Fit in Different Capital Environments

Tomasz Tunguz

A founder recently told me he would have built his company differently in another fundraising market. Capital availability on the x-axis and evidence on the y-axis to illustrate his point. Software startups would need at least $1m in ARR to raise capital to muster a small round.

6 career options for ex-founders seeking their next adventure


David Teten is founder of Versatile VC and writes periodically at teten.com and @dteten. Hey, founders between gigs: What now? If you want outside capital, VCs will chase after you to invest. Angel investing, venture capital and mentoring. David Teten.

The Difference Between Rich Founders and Poor Founders, From an ex-VC

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It’s not about being rich, it’s about repeatedly building value What some people think will happen when you become a founder | source I love the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Let’s tastefully call this phenomenon: Rich Founder, Poor Founder. Most founders end up owning 5%-20%.

Why Governments Should Invest in Their Diaspora Founders

David Teten VC

Our proposal: governments systematically support funding for their diaspora founders, not just the local founders. I co-wrote this essay with Prabhat Gusain , currently the Chief of Staff at Caffeinated Capital; formerly an intern with Versatile VC ; and a 2021 MBA from UVA Darden.

Serial fintech founder raises $20M for Ant Money to make micro-investing even more accessible


Serial fintech entrepreneur Walter Cruttenden founded Acorns with his son, Jeff, in 2012 with the goal of helping low- and middle-income households invest and save responsibly. The pair wanted to simplify investing for the millions that have trouble getting started or continuing to invest.

Black Ops Ventures launches to invest in Black founders


The venture capital market is on a tear , pumping capital into a host of startups around the world. It’s generally considered a great time to raise capital and build a technology-centered, disruptive business. Black founders rarely find themselves in a similar situation.