Why your team needs scheduling software: Microsoft Bookings vs. Calendly

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Calendly vs. Microsoft Bookings . Let’s compare the two most viable meeting scheduler choices: the best in class, Calendly, and the easiest option to implement, Microsoft Bookings. . What is Microsoft Bookings? . Pros of Microsoft Bookings . Cons of Microsoft Bookings.

Every Founder that Hates "Personal Branding" Should Write a Book

This is going to be BIG.

Well, they’d know it if you wrote a book, of course! I’m not saying you have to write an actual book. I certainly don’t plan on writing one—but in a way, I write a book’s worth of content every year on my blog/newsletter/Substack/whatever the kids are calling long form these days.


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Why Every Startup Founder Needs to Study One Book

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accounting entrepreneurship books venture-capital startupIf you don’t understand accounting, you won’t even know if your startup is succeeding or failing Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

6 Finance Books to Help You Make Better Business Decisions


Just when you thought that successful business owners don’t have the time to curl up in bed to read a book, you’d be surprised to know that average entrepreneurs read at least one book a week. 6 money books to start reading now.

What’s the Best Book About Entrepreneurship?

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startup entrepreneurship books business foundersThere are thousands of options to choose from, and that’s a good thing Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

The 20 Best Business Books of 2020

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books entrepreneurship startup self-improvement businessA reading list for all entrepreneurs Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

Ishmael (Book Review)


The book consists mostly of a dialogue between a teacher (an astute and telepathic gorilla) and a student (a somewhat befuddled human who slowly learns how to see the world as desired by his teacher). The book venerates leaver cultures and despises taker cultures. Ultimately the book is a combination of elegantly phrased ideas with a profound lack of intellectual rigor. It is extraordinary to me that this receives zero subsequent treatment in the book.

5 Books My CEO Read to Go from $0 to $30 Million

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“An office without books is like a body without a soul” Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». books business entrepreneurship millionaireceo money

The Ultimate List of Books to Read to Sharpen Your Financial Literacy


Fortunately, there are many excellent personal finance books available to help you learn how to manage your money through the good and bad. If you appreciate personal development, you already know the value of a good book. This book examines how our emotions can impact our behavior.

My Favorite Books of 2021

Tomasz Tunguz

These are my favorite books from this year. I discovered rhetoric in 2021 and read this book and The Elements of Eloquence which demonstrate the hundreds of literary devices we use to imbue language with flourish to entice or cajole the reader to hurdle over the period at the end of a sentence and sprint through the next, till the end of a tract. The Sovereign Individual is an older book but foundational reading for web3. The Future of Money.

3 Signs Entrepreneurs Can Make Money by Publishing a Book

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Industry experts, content creators, and entrepreneurs — all can profit from creating their own book. publishing books inspiration entrepreneurship business

5 Books to Motivate a Digital Nomad

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If working remotely as a digital nomad sounds like la bella vita to you—but you need that extra push or you simply want to prepare—then you’ll want to explore these books! The post 5 Books to Motivate a Digital Nomad appeared first on THE BLOG. Written for EO by Jason Mueller.

Book Review: Creating Startup Junkies

Ecosystem Builder Hub

As the field of entrepreneurial ecosystem building has started to grow over the last decade a few books dedicated exclusively to the topic have become valuable sources of information for ecosystem builders.

My Go-To Book Recommendation For Current And Future Entrepreneurs

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entrepreneurship business personal-development books startupIt’s 47 years old and not even about business Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

The Habits that Led James Clear to One Million Books Sold

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james-clear success entrepreneurship books habits“The most important thing is also the least sexy one.” ” Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

Business Books and Podcasts

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I’m not a fan of business books. But there are some great concepts that one can glean from business books and I’ve often wanted to find an efficient way to do that without buying the book and reading one chapter. Most business book writers go on a podcast tour in order to promote their book. That’s generally thirty to forty-five minutes and you will get everything you need from the book and maybe more. Books


10 Books on Persuasion and Negotiation

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From EO Melbourne , we share 10 books to help you improve your ability to close—in both your business and personal life. It may be a tough hole to escape, but this book will provide you with tools to approach such circumstances and achieve appropriate results. Dale Carnegie’s classic self-help book was first published in 1936 and has become a source of inspiration to readers who want to learn how to win people. His book enables readers to learn their Negotiation I.Q.

The 1 Book That I Recommend To All Entrepreneurs

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business books leadership entrepreneurship startup“For builders and those dreaming of building.” ” Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

9 Non-Business Books for Future Business Leaders

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Many aspiring leaders eat, breathe and sleep business 24/7; they watch all the business-related TED talks, read all the business-related books, go to any business-related conference and follow every business-related blog. Best Practices FINANCES books fiction lessons startup studying

Book Review: Get Different – How to Improve Your Marketing

Smart Hustle Magazine

And with over half a million readers of his books and four multi-million dollar companies under his belt, chances are good that if Mike thinks so, it might be a good thing to do. For more on Mike Michalowicz and his new book Get Different visit gogetdifferent.com.

News: 1 in 4 Customers Avoid a Salon with No Online Booking Options, Reports Square

Smart Hustle Magazine

If you’re running a salon, you should not shy away from offering online booking options to your customers. According to the latest The Future of Beauty trend report from Square, 25% of customers don’t visit a salon that doesn’t offer online booking options.

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5 Books That Helped Me Make $1,500+ of Passive Income Every Month

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advice finance money books entrepreneurshipThey’re timeless, actionable, and cut to the core of building an online business. Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

The Book that Reveals 10 Steps to Solving Any Complex Problem

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In their book Cracking Complexity , David Komlos and David Benjamin share the steps to working through any complex business problem—both quickly and using existing talent, not consultants. Why did you write this book? In the book, we devote an appendix to “Where Else?”

Medium acquires social book reading app Glose


Glose has been building iOS, Android and web apps that let you buy, download and read books on your devices. Sure, there are social platforms that let you talk about books, such as Goodreads. Teachers can hand out assignments and you can read a book as a group.

Peek raises $80M as its travel experiences software and marketplace business passes $2B in bookings


It plans to use the funds to continue expanding its product, hiring more talent and taking Peek to more places, after passing some $2 billion in bookings from some 35 million customers, mostly in North America.

Cassandra Bailey Launches Children’s Book Series Talking About Mom’s Job

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Additionally, Bailey is the author of a new series of children’s books about women just like her. The “My Mom Is…” book series offers moms from all industries a child-friendly way to discuss why they work, what they love about your jobs, and why it matters.

4 Lesser-Known Books All Disorganized Entrepreneurs Should Read (And Why)

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Offering uncommon insight, these books can help you grow faster and bigger. books startup motivation business entrepreneurshipContinue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ».

Small Innovations Can Make Big Results New Book from Square Execs

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The book, Self-Made Boss is your roadmap to help you start, grow and eventually if you wish, sell your business. What’s neat about the book is that at the end of each chapter, there are a few things for you to think about – questions to consider.

Hopper raises $170M and partners with Capital One on a new cardholder travel booking portal


That characterization mostly comes from Hopper’s ability to offer customers financial flexibility around their travel bookings. We allow you to come in and hold the price of a booking for between two hours and 14 days.

One Book Every Entrepreneur Should Own

Both Sides of the Table

Brad Feld seems to write books faster than I can read and write about them. This time he has written a book that is far more important than most management books you will read. Why do I think this is a “must own” book? The single best book ever written on this topic is Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It is also one of the books that most influenced me early in my adult life. Heck you can buy both books together for $20.

A Work-From-Home E-Book From Dell


Learn how companies have benefited from Dell Technologies in this e-book. The post A Work-From-Home E-Book From Dell appeared first on StartupNation.

What Is Entrepreneurship and Can It Be Taught?


In his book, “Burn the Business Plan,” Carl Schramm cites Syracuse University professor Mike D’Eredita, an Olympic rowing coach and accomplished entrepreneur: “If we trained our Olympic athletes like we train our entrepreneurs, America would never win even a bronze medal.”

StudySmarter books $15M for a global ‘personalized learning’ push


“For instance, when an economics student uploads a PDF on the topic of marginal cost, StudySmarter will recommend several user-generated courses that cover marginal cost and/or several flashcards on marginal cost as well as e-books on StudySmarter that cover this topic.

Turing books $87M at a $1.1B valuation to help source, hire and manage engineers remotely


When it comes to engineering talent in the world of tech, demand continues to outpace supply, a predicament so acute that by 2030, that disparity will balloon to 85 million positions being unfilled, according to research from Korn Ferry.

Start building your brand book with a visioning workshop


Jamie Viggiano. Contributor. Share on Twitter. Jamie Viggiano is the chief marketing officer at Fuel Capital , an early-stage venture capital firm investing in consumer, SaaS and infrastructure businesses. More posts by this contributor.

This West Point grad started a booking system for restaurants, and VCs just funded it


Says Hutchison, “Maybe there’s potential down the road to help people find and book the right venue, but right now we’re just laser focused on helping businesses manage their existing business.

How I Run 3+ Cash-Flowing Businesses With Only 1 Hour per Week Booked

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Breaking down the schedule, tools, and team members that make this efficient entrepreneurial arrangement possible. Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». business work entrepreneurship side-hustle startup