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Every Founder that Hates "Personal Branding" Should Write a Book

This is going to be BIG.

Well, they’d know it if you wrote a book, of course! I’m not saying you have to write an actual book. I certainly don’t plan on writing one—but in a way, I write a book’s worth of content every year on my blog/newsletter/Substack/whatever the kids are calling long form these days. In fact, writing might not even be your thing.

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Business Book Bonanza: 10 Must-Read Gems To Skyrocket Your Business

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Look no further than these top business book recommendations from 10 successful Australian entrepreneurs who are all active members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). From timeless classics to modern best-sellers, the following books have influenced the way these entrepreneurs think and operate their businesses.


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Why your team needs scheduling software: Microsoft Bookings vs. Calendly

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Calendly vs. Microsoft Bookings . Let’s compare the two most viable meeting scheduler choices: the best in class, Calendly, and the easiest option to implement, Microsoft Bookings. . What is Microsoft Bookings? . Microsoft Bookings is a scheduling app that’s part of Microsoft 365. Pros of Microsoft Bookings .

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Power and Progress (Book Review)


The event kicked off with a 2 hour summary and critique of the new book “ Power and Progress ” by Daron Acemoglu and Simon Johnson. I was thrilled to see a book given a two hour intensive treatment like this at a conference, as I believe books are one of humanity’s signature accomplishments.

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The best appointment schedulers and booking apps in 2023

The Zapier Blog

Maybe you're a salon that lets clients book services with individual providers, or perhaps your consulting agency needs a simple online appointment scheduling tool to organize discovery calls. Focus on the meeting, not the scheduling Automate your booking The best booking apps offer the perfect mix of flexibility and ease of use.

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10 Books on Persuasion and Negotiation

Entrepreneurs' Organization

From EO Melbourne , we share 10 books to help you improve your ability to close—in both your business and personal life. It may be a tough hole to escape, but this book will provide you with tools to approach such circumstances and achieve appropriate results. His book enables readers to learn their Negotiation I.Q. BY JAMES W.

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Surbhi Sarna's new book on entrepreneurship

Y Combinator

YC Group Partner Surbhi Sarna has written a book called Without a Doubt , and today it goes on sale. I have no idea how Surbhi managed to write a book while also being a Group Partner at YC (a more-than-full-time job!). It's a must-read for anyone interested in healthcare.