Article Roundup: December 5

Forward Cities

Here is a selection of articles to stimulate the conversation: Museums, Neighborhoods, and Gentrification: Lessons from the Nation’s Capital. The post Article Roundup: December 5 appeared first on Forward Cities. Insight article roundupOur team is always looking for ways to highlight the great work happening around the country. Every day, our communities face new challenges that are met head-on by leaders and entrepreneurs aiming to make a difference.

Top 5 Articles This Week

Entrepreneur's Handbook

From the entrepreneurial trenches wildpixel On Being Publicly Called Out as a Bad Leader in a Recent Viral Article ?—? FRED DUST How Ignoring Typical Advice Led to Making 100K+ as a First-Year Entrepreneur ? —? Rick Martinez 1 Year of Effort to Build a Side Hustle.


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Top 5 Articles This Week

Entrepreneur's Handbook

Nick Wolny Top 5 Articles This Week was originally published in Entrepreneur's Handbook on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. From the entrepreneurial trenches I Quit Engineering for My Dream Business?—?One

Top Early Stage Investing Articles of 2019

The Seraf Compass

We have an annual tradition of bringing you the best early stage investing articles of the year, handpicked by our Co-Founders Hambleton Lord and Christopher Mirabile.

TechCrunch Experts: 3 articles on growth marketing and software development


Here are a few related articles we’ve run in recent weeks: Growth marketing. Among other topics, this article covers the K-factor formula, which helps measure virality.

Regular Article Image

Smart Hustle Magazine

The post Regular Article Image appeared first on with Ramon Ray - freelance, small business, entrepreneur education

Domain experts wanted: Submit your guest articles to Extra Crunch


Guest articles are hugely popular with our startup audience — if the topics are right. When working with repeat authors, we will also publish one-off articles about public-interest topics on TechCrunch without a paywall.

On Being Publicly Called Out for Being a Bad Leader in a Recent Viral Article

Entrepreneur's Handbook

Or, how not to be a d*ck at work Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook ». communication business entrepreneurship work leadership

Top 5 Articles This Week

Entrepreneur's Handbook

Tim Denning Top 5 Articles This Week was originally published in Entrepreneur's Handbook on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

OKC’s Happily featured in Forbes magazine article on subscription services

Innovation 2 Enterprise

Oklahoma City-based Happliy and its Datebox “date in a box” subscription service was recently featured in a Forbes magazine article on the growth of subscription services during the Coronavirus national shutdown. Check out the Forbes article here.

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Limit Their Creative Potential

Marty Zwilling

Every entrepreneur believes in their heart that their startup is more innovative and creative than their competitors. Yet none knows exactly

Article Smashes Working Millennial Stereotypes

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Multi-generational office environments are now the norm, and although many entrepreneurs have written favorable articles about integrating the millennial workforce, Generation Y is still associated with entitlement, laziness and an overdependence on technology. Read the entire article here.

The Social Subsidy of Angel Investing

Alex Danco

Seed, Sow, Water, Grow: 4 Expert Tips to Secure Angel Investment for Your New Business Venture

Bryan Janeczko

The Face Of Angel Investing Is Changing. Here’s What You Need To Know

Jia Wertz

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, angels are telling founders to scrutinize their sales forecasts, hiring plans, costs and every other assumption about their business. Upheaval can also create opportunities, as changing markets and obstacles create new challenges to solve and ways for startups to scal

In the News: All of our magic – summed up in one article


Simply one of the best and most intelligent articles written about OurCrowd in the last six years… How To Let Ordinary Investors Invest In Startups? The post In the News: All of our magic – summed up in one article appeared first on OurCrowd. OurCrowd Has The Answer. And for the fifth year, OurCrowd is proud to be listed in the Top 50 innovators on KPMG’s 2019 Fintech100 list. Did you miss OurCrowd Sync: São Paulo?

Show Me the Money: How to Ace Your VC Meeting

Mike Teng

Fewcents raises $1.6M to help publishers take payments for individual articles, videos and podcasts


Many publishers are focused on converting visitors to subscribers, but there’s another important bracket: people who want to view a premium article or video, but not enough to sign up for a subscription. Fewcents can be used to monetize articles, video and podcasts.

media 81

2022 Coworking Space Business Trends


Read the most important results in this article. Featured Blog Articles (EN We asked and you answered. In the Coworking Trends Survey, most coworking spaces were optimistic about the new year. However, their economic situation continued to be severely affected by the pandemic.

Key Learnings From Visiting Over 430 Coworking Spaces


Featured Blog Articles (EN In 6 years of traveling, the Coworkies team had the opportunity to visit over 430 coworking spaces across 48 cities. What did they take away from this journey around the world? Keep reading to find out.

Europe’s Start-Up Ecosystem: Heating Up, but Still Facing Challenges

Kim Baroudy, Jonatan Janmark, Tobias Strålin, Abhi Satyavarapu and Zeno Ziemke

3 Ways to Build and Grow a Successful Business in 2020

Randy Garn

Ukrainian Coworking Spaces During the War


Featured Blog Articles (EN How are coworking spaces in Ukraine reacting to the war?

It Takes an Ecosystem to Raise a Successful Start-up

Colin Mason and Michaela Hruskova

8 Things Entrepreneurial People Do Differently

OurOwnStartup Team

Pear VC’s Anand Iyer goes solo with new $20M fund for crypto developer tools


Correction: A previous version of this article’s headline incorrectly stated the fund size as $200 million. Engineers are the bedrock of any tech product, and blockchains are no exception.

2022 Major Coworking Events


Featured Blog Articles (EN At physical conferences, people can interact and learn with all their senses and are not chained to small screens with their ears and eyes.

Starburst acquires data lake analytics accelerator Varada to challenge Snowflake


Enterprise Exit Startups TC analytics articles business intelligence Co-founder computing data data warehouse Databricks MizMaa Ventures Presto starburst Tel Aviv Varada

Strong Compute raises $7.8M seed round to speed up ML training pipelines


Strong Compute , a Sydney, Australia-based startup that helps developers remove the bottlenecks in their machine learning training pipelines, today announced that it has raised a $7.8 million seed round.

Admitting Ignorance: Planning in the Time of COVID

Rory O'Driscoll

Entrepreneur First launches partnership with Tezos to spin up Web3 startups


Europe Startups TC articles blockchains cryptocurrencies energy Entrepreneur entrepreneur first ethereum honda London matt clifford proof of stake technology Tezos web3

Gravity Sketch draws $33M for a platform to design, collaborate on and produce 3D objects


Platforms like Figma have changed the game when it comes to how creatives and other stakeholders in the production and product team conceive and iterate around two-dimensional designs.

10 Must-Dos When Starting Your Healthcare Business

Smart Hustle Magazine

Advice Articles General Military Entrepreneurs TipsSome people say they were born to run their own business, but me? I never envisioned myself as an entrepreneur with a healthcare business.

IP and cybersecurity disputes are top legal concerns for tech companies


Column Diversity Labor Lawsuit Lawyers Security Startups TC Verified Experts articles computer security computing cryptography Cyberwarfare data security EC Column intellectual property intellectual property law technology United StatesAndrea D'Ambra. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

The IRS’s crypto tax partner, ZenLedger, raises $15 million Series B


ZenLedger found out about Hannum’s untruths well before the Times article went up and immediately fired Hannum, Larsen said. Government tends to struggle when it comes to keeping up with tech innovation. The past U.S.

This Entrepreneur Is Helping Military Spouses Become Successful Business Owners

Smart Hustle Magazine

Articles Featured General Interview Your Smart Hustle Military Spouse Business Owners Military Spouse EntrepreneursNo entrepreneurial journey is ever easy. But for military spouses, starting a business and making it a success is an uphill battle.

Agrotools farming for M&A with new $21M funding round


Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Funding Fundings & Exits Recent Funding SaaS Startups TC agribusiness agriculture Agrotools Argentina articles brazil economy esri gamification latin america producer Rafael Gomes Renault retail Sergio Rocha Technology Development United States