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The Secret to Creativity Is Not What You Think

Co Starters

What do you get when you cross an entrepreneur, an angel investor, and a psychologist? You get our latest guest in our Straight Talk With Starters series—Dr. Shelley Prevost of The Big Self School.

Infermedica Raises $10 million Series A for R&D and International Expansion

Dream It

Infermedica (Healthtech ‘18) is an AI-driven platform that helps insurance, telemedicine companies, and health systems increase efficiency through fast, digital symptom-checks.

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Entrepreneurship is About Creation. Here’s Why We Need to Train Entrepreneurs to Create the Next Economy.

Co Starters

Part four of a series from our founder on exploring a new approach to economic development that places individuals, families, and entrepreneurs at the center. . By Enoch Elwell. If we’ve spent time together—or if you read my blog posts—you will know that I don’t spend a lot of time on small talk.

The Continued Importance of Accelerators


Accelerators have been around for almost fifteen years now. Throughout that time, they’ve supported and funded thousands of startups, many of which have turned into powerful companies and positively impacted communities large and small. The reason for that success is, in many ways, due to what accelerators offer every startup that works with them: A Community of startup peers to grow your company alongside.

Revolution Growth-Backed BigCommerce Goes Public


In 2013, we invested in BigCommerce , a SaaS startup helping companies build, manage, and market online stores. This morning, the Austin-based company raised its initial public offering. BigCommerce is now listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol BIGC.

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Collaborate and Communicate Remotely with Webinars and Video conferencing

Smart Hustle Magazine

This year has shown just how important it is to be able to connect remotely. Effective communication and collaboration are crucial during this trying time and outside of it to keep businesses and education running smoothly.

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Announcing the YC Startup Library

Y Combinator

We’re excited to announce the launch of the YC Startup Library, found at Over the last 15 years, YC has invested in and worked with more than 2,000 companies, and we’ve seen and learned from their successes and failures.

Sneak Peek: The Art of Innovation and Data-Driven Enterprise

Guy Kawasaki

On the Remarkable People podcast , I interview people such as Jane Goodall, Woz, and Stephen Wolfram who have changed the world. Their stories are inspiring, and I hope they encourage you, too. .

A Thriving Family Business + How They Make It Work

Smart Hustle Magazine

A family owned and operated business is nothing new, but a family business managed by two parents and eight and children is pretty unique. Goat Milk Stuff.

The Secret to Productive Group Meetings over Video

Tomasz Tunguz

In 2017, I wrote the post Managers Must be Insane to Brainstorm in Groups. If you’ve been a group meeting for brainstorming, you’ll identify with the three problems reasearchers identified with in-person brainstorms: Only one person can speak at a time. Many people don’t participate and free ride hiding in the back of the room, unengaged. Some attendees are glossophobes: they fear speaking in public. And you’ll resonate with the frustration of this meeting format.

Pandemic brings lasting change to world of hospitality, health care

Innovation 2 Enterprise

By Scott Meacham. If anyone had told me a year ago that we would be in the situation we are in today, I might not have said it out loud, but I would have thought that they were completely nuts. The global pandemic has given me a new standard for what a worst case scenario looks like.

GCUC Canada Update


A Note from Liz and Stormy: Thank you Ashley Proctor for your contributions not only to GCUC Canada but to the larger coworking world. The post GCUC Canada Update appeared first on GCUC Community. Community GCUC Canada

Innovation Insider: Intensive Care


Greater agility, better infection containment, fast diagnostics and telemedicine: Meet your healthcare providers post Covid-19. When the coronavirus surfaced in China in December 2019, it set off a domino effect worldwide – with the number of active cases snowballing rapidly.

How To Cope with Stress. The UPS Store Exec Offers Insight.

Smart Hustle Magazine

Small business owners are no stranger to challenging situations, and as cases of COVID-19 rise throughout the U.S., these savvy entrepreneurs continue to rise to the occasion and tackle these stressors in familiar ways.

“This is my EO journey”

Entrepreneurs' Organization

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) has been helping entrepreneurs achieve transformational growth since 1987. Our member network is committed to learning and helping each other succeed. But this network of support and growth goes beyond members.

Independent Director Compensation

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I got this question yesterday and answered via email and thought I’d share that discussion with all of you: I enjoyed your article on Board Diversity ( [link] ) and am planning to implement it at my company. I was hoping to get some guidance on the following: * How would you define the role of the independent director / what is their job? * How would you compensate them for this job? .

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Angel Fundamentals: Understanding Equity Deal Terms - Governance, Management and Control

The Seraf Compass

The concepts covered in a typical term sheet can be grouped into four main categories of investor concerns: Deal Economics; Investor Rights/Protection; Governance, Management & Control; and Exits/Liquidity. In this article we are going to tackle the Governance, Management and Control category


PRESS RELEASE: Sight Diagnostics Raises $71M To Accelerate Global Expansion of itsFDA 510(k) Cleared, CE Marked Finger-prick Blood Analyzer


The post PRESS RELEASE: Sight Diagnostics Raises $71M To Accelerate Global Expansion of itsFDA 510(k) Cleared, CE Marked Finger-prick Blood Analyzer appeared first on OurCrowd Blog. Press release ourcrowd ourcrowd all press release

US Black Chambers CEO Shares Optimism For the Future

Smart Hustle Magazine

US Black Chambers is an advocacy organization comprised of 145 black chambers and represents over 330,000 black owned businesses.

A fourth option: how #microschools will save our children

Jason Calacanis

It became clear to me during July, when coronavirus cases spiked at precisely the time they told us it would take a break, that school would not start in September.

Funding Friday: Jelly2

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

I’ve written about the need for smaller form factor smartphones and know a bunch of people who are frustrated by the lack of choice in small form factor smartphones. So I was interested to see this Kickstarter project to bring to market a 3″ Android smartphone that sells for sub $200. Not everyone wants or needs a credit card sized smartphone, but those that do benefit from Android being open and platforms like Kickstarter that make niche products viable for creators.

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advancing sustainability, equity, and entrepreneurial success: q&a with Amy Tuininga of Montclair State University

Venture Well

Faculty Grants recipient, Amy Tuininga, is working to increase entrepreneurial success for students traditionally underserved in STEM fields. The post advancing sustainability, equity, and entrepreneurial success: q&a with Amy Tuininga of Montclair State University appeared first on VentureWell.

[SixGill in WFMZ News] Palo Alto Networks Introduces Industry’s Largest and Most Comprehensive Security Orchestration Marketplace


Back to Work Faster with New Zoho App

Smart Hustle Magazine

To work in the office or work remotely? That is a common question today. With many businesses in limbo amid the global Covid-19 pandemic, Zoho has an answer for returning to work.

Streetwear Culture Goes to the Dogs

Entrepreneur - Entrepreneurs Category

When the founder of Fresh Pawz couldn't find clothes and gear he actually wanted to buy for his dog, a company was born. Real Entrepreneurs

What’s your personal-business end game?


Remembering our original vision. When we start a business, we are optimistic that we will succeed and dream of riches to follow when the company is sold or even getting all the way to an IPO.

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NBA Top Shot

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

One of the questions I hear on crypto is “what can I do with it besides trade it?” ” And that’s a good question because truth be told, there have not been great use cases for crypto other than storing value, sending value, and speculating.

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[Sight Diagnostics in Crowdfund Insider] Koch Disruptive Technologies Invests in Sight Diagnostics Alongside OurCrowd in $71 Million Series D


Koch Disruptive Technologies has announced an investment in Sight Diagnostics alongside global crowdfunding platform OurCrowd. Sight Diagnostics is a long time portfolio company of OurCrowd. The Series D funding raised a solid $71 million. Total funding now tops $124 million.

You Don't Need Celebrities (or Millions of Viewers) For A Successful Online Event

Smart Hustle Magazine

How to get millions (billions, zillions) of people to your next event? Hire Shaq and Gronk, said a recent headline in The article was referring to an online event that attracted millions of viewers, raised money for a good cause and had sponsors.

[Varo Money in Fintech Magazine] Varo is granted its bank charter and a US FinTech milestone


“The ability to operate as a full-service national bank gives Varo more freedom to deliver the kind of innovation and allyship that many Americans have never had from their bank before. Read more here.

[Tevel and Trellis in CTech] Where FoodTech meets the plate: The 11 finalists of Calcalist’s Food Innovation Contest


Tevel: Tevel Aerobotics Technologies has developed a drone with a robotic arm that allows farmers to determine which fruit is ripe and pick it. The drone offers convenient access to the fruit and gathers information about their quality, quantity, and fertilizer and water levels.